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WAG (Wireless Application Gateway)

A wireless application gateway (WAG) is a server-based gateway, i.e., a networking software or hardware in telecommunication networks that enables data to flow from one network to another. WAG provides wireless access to enterprise applications. Here's how it works: WAGs plug into the infrastructure of the enterprise application, separate data, ensure network availability, and reduce the risk of data failure. In other words, WAGs prevent network redundancy. WAGs can provide secure access to any data source and generate data in a PDA, pager, desktop, wireless telephone, among other devices. The WAG server is either installed within an organization or hosted by a third party.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About WAG (Wireless Application Gateway)

WAGs provide SMBs with fast network speeds, consistent coverage, and control over their wireless networks. That allows SMBs to carry out tasks, such as lead generation, sales, and marketing while growing their business and establishing themselves in their industry.

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