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Identity And Access Intelligence

Identity and access intelligence is the security-bound process of primarily identifying, authenticating, and only then authorizing access to the company resources, which helps maintain the safety of data and business systems. It is formed on business policies, processes, and technologies that promote the successful management of various digital identities. It is a powerful force in collating data, managing identity and access-related risks, and using intelligent decision-making to improve business performance. By detecting inappropriate access and developing functions that align well with business needs, identity and access intelligence can lead to high levels of security and sustainable compliance. This helps ensure at all times within the company that the right people access the right IT tools needed for the successful performance in their roles.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Identity And Access Intelligence

Identity and Access Intelligence helps SMBs to identify, authenticate, and accordingly authorize the right people to access the organization’s technology resources. It also helps validate the software and hardware needed for access, thereby putting in an additional layer of security.

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