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Virtual Assistant (VA)

A virtual assistant (VA) is a digital program that understands voice commands and natural language to perform tasks for a business. It executes tasks that, previously, only humans could complete. VAs use semantic and deep learning technologies, such as personalization, prediction models, deep neural networks (DNNs), and natural language processing. Businesses might invest in a VA to complete tasks typically performed by a human personal assistant, customer assistant, or employee assistant. These tasks might include responding to customer queries, handling financial transactions, and setting up important meetings with clients or potential investors. Other terms for virtual assistant include "digital assistant" and "AI assistant."

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Virtual Assistant (VA)

An SMB might use a VA to improve productivity without having to spend money on staff. Unlike larger companies, some SMBs can't afford to hire new employees so VAs provide a cost-effective solution for completing day-to-day tasks with their organization.

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