Insala Career Management

by Insala

Who Uses Insala Career Management?

Learning and development professionals looking to implement or expand their organization's career management program.

What Is Insala Career Management?

Insala's internationally recognized career management software solution provides employees with easy to use, self directed career development tools and resources. Our software is designed to motivate, develop, and support your employees in their career journey by offering them insight into who they are professionally and how their ever-changing lives fit into the workplace. Empower your employees to take control of their career journey.

Insala Career Management Details


Founded 1996


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Insala Career Management does not have a free version and does not offer a free trial.

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Insala Career Management deployment and support


  • 24/7 (Live Rep)
  • Business Hours
  • Online


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Mobile - iOS Native
  • Mobile - Android Native


  • In Person
  • Live Online
  • Webinars
  • Documentation

Insala Career Management Features

  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Benefits Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Employee Database
  • Employee Profiles
  • Onboarding
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Self Service Portal
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Time Off Management

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