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Staffing Agency software is used by agencies that provide on-demand and temporary workers to companies. Common functions in temporary staffing software options include candidate management, position posting, and employee scheduling. Find the best staffing agency software for your organisation in Australia.

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Staffing Agency Software Buyers Guide

What is staffing agency software?

Staffing agency software is used by headhunters across recruitment and employment agencies to facilitate candidate searches and manage the hiring process. These software solutions help agencies search for, shortlist, and hire candidates for their clients.

What are the benefits of staffing agency software?

  • Organised storage of applicant data: Staffing agency software lets you accept applications from a wide range of sources including career pages, websites, and online job boards. All applicant data is stored in a categorised manner that allows users to quickly search and filter to identify suitable candidates.
  • Automated workflows: Staffing agency software automates laborious and repetitive processes such as resume parsing, email replies, and report generation, saving recruiters time and effort and letting them focus on more important tasks.

What are the features of staffing agency software?

  • Candidate management: Build, track, and maintain relationships with candidates.
  • Job postings: Post, track, and manage open jobs on multiple channels (e.g., online job boards, company career pages, etc.)
  • Temporary staffing: Supports agencies that provide a temporary workforce to their clients while searching for permanent hires.
  • Resume parsing: Categorises data collected from resumes into predefined sections and stores it in a structured, easily searchable manner.

What should be considered when purchasing staffing agency software?

  • Mobile apps: Look for solutions that either offer a mobile-friendly webpage version of the software or a dedicated mobile app for working on-the-go. Some mobile apps even allow candidates to apply for vacancies from their smartphones or tablets.
  • Compliance and equal employment opportunity (EEO) handling: Your staffing agency must comply with all relevant employment laws in your and your clients’ regions, so ensure that the software you choose both complies with all recruitment-related rules and regulations and facilitates EEO-compliant hiring.
  • Security of applicant data: Before purchasing staffing agency software, determine its data security measures. Does it provide user authentication with secure individual logins? Does it encrypt data during transmission, storage, and backup creation?
  • Staffing agencies are adopting new mobile-focused tactics: In our gadget-friendly economy, many staffing organisations are optimising their websites for mobile use to attract more candidates. Research from 2018 found that 16% of applications are submitted via mobile devices. Expect staffing agencies to continue expanding their social media usage to attract talent, and use video calls to screen candidates.
  • The growing importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in staffing: A Gartner study suggests that by 2020, candidates will be more likely to interact with a chatbot before interacting with a recruiter when submitting job applications. Chatbot implementation is expected to save staffing agencies approximately $8 billion annually.  AI-enabled staffing solutions can offer advanced resume parsing to match candidate experience with a preset skills requirement checklist, giving users a ranked list of the best applicants.