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Church Presentation Software

Church Presentation software is used by pastors in preparation and conducting of sermons.

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Church Presentation Software Buyers Guide

Church presentation software is a tool for creating presentations that can be displayed at church ceremonies, services, and events. The software allows you to display song lyrics, Bible quotes, announcements, and updates on a screen so that it's visible to everyone in the audience.

The software can also integrate with online Bible resources and song repositories to fetch content and stream it live during sermons, prayers, and services.

The benefits of church presentation software

Church presentation software allows priests and ministers to share their teachings with a much larger audience. Here is a list of the main benefits of this software:

  • Encourages audiences to actively participate: Song lyrics and prayers displayed on big screens means that the whole congregation can easily read the text. They can sing along with the choir, which increases participation. Everyone is engaged at the same time, to the same extent, without having prior knowledge of the text.
  • Eases the search for Biblical content, prayers, hymns: Many church presentation solutions integrate numerous Bible-related databases and song repositories. This makes it easy for preachers to search Biblical content and instantly broadcast it. Some solutions have multilingual functionality and simultaneously display content in multiple languages.

Typical features of church presentation software

  • Drag and drop: Click and move images, videos, and objects from one interface/application to another when creating presentations.
  • Media library: Create a central media repository to store all types of digital media files such as raw images, videos, songs, and presentations.
  • Presentation streaming: Display the presentation on a projector and LED screen.
  • Scripture database: Create and maintain a database of biblical scripts, prayers, and songs.
  • Layout management: Manage the layout of the content displayed on the digital screens.

Considerations when purchasing church presentation software

  • Do your research: Churches rely heavily on donations and contributions for operations, which makes every penny essential. There are numerous church presentation solutions in the market, starting from free to those that go up to a few hundred pounds per licence. That's why, shortlist your requirements and choose a product that fits your budget. Some vendors may offer freemium products, which means that some basic features are free while a few advanced features require payment.
  • Easy to learn and train: Church presentation software is mainly used by ministers and church volunteers, who may not be technically skilled. Therefore, we recommend choosing software that is easy to learn and use. Ask vendors for a free trial or demo to get the look and feel of a solution before you purchase it.

Relevant church presentation software trend

  • Social media changing how churches present content: With billions of social media users, churches and ministries are using these networks to reach a larger audience. Some established churches, such as the Anglican and Catholic churches, now rely more on online participation than church visitations. This way, ministers can interact with both active and passive visitors. Online churches, such as the Life Church, are building connections with believers across the world. This has motivated vendors to offer built-in social media functionality in their church presentation software, allowing churches to share preachings and telecast their regular services on multiple social media platforms.