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SMS (Text) Marketing software provides the tools needed to launch and support text marketing campaigns. SMS Marketing platforms allow users to quickly subscribe customers and send important alerts with mass messaging tools. Text Marketing software can be used to advertise weekly specials, send coupons, solicit feedback, poll customers, and promote contests. SMS Marketing software is related to Channel Management software, Email Marketing software, and Marketing Automation software categories. Find the best SMS marketing platform for your organisation in Australia.

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SMS Marketing Software Buyers Guide

What is SMS marketing software?

SMS marketing software, or text marketing software, is a bulk text message sharing tool. It allows businesses to send SMS messages to customers, in addition to helping them create and maintain contact lists, schedule message delivery, analyse response rates, and generate reports.

Whether you are an eCommerce business that needs to send order delivery messages or a bank that wants to send transaction updates to customers, you need this software to handle all your business engagements.

What are the benefits of SMS marketing software?

SMS marketing is one of the least expensive marketing techniques that is able to reach mass audiences. Some of the primary benefits it offers are listed below:

  • High open rates: About 23 billion text messages are sent each day, of which 97% are opened. In comparison, only 20% of emails are opened. This figure proves that an SMS is seen by the customer in almost all instances, which assures businesses that their message will be delivered to their audience.
  • Faster delivery, better adoption rates: Unlike emails or social media, text messages can be delivered to all types of mobile phones, whether it's a pager or the latest smartphone. In short, marketers can leverage the fact that all mobile phones have texting capabilities.
  • Traceable outcomes: Unlike traditional advertising, SMS marketing can be tracked. The software gives businesses an instant view of campaign performance regarding SMS messages sent, opened, read, and answered. This helps marketers evaluate customer engagement at various stages of the campaign, so that they can improvise as and when needed.

What are the features of SMS marketing software?

  • Mass texting: Send messages in bulk to a large audience in one go.
  • Contact management: Create a centralised repository to store contact details, such as name, address, and phone number, in an organised, searchable manner.
  • Scheduled messaging: Set a specific time to broadcast messages to individuals or to entire contact lists.
  • Reporting/Analytics: Determine and report the performance of the SMS marketing campaign based on KPIs such as messages delivered, read, and answered.
  • Mobile keywords: Add unique identifying keywords in the text message to let readers perform certain actions during the campaign. For instance, "START" or "STOP" to continue or stop receiving messages.

What should be considered when purchasing SMS marketing software?

  • Scalability: Most text-based messaging service providers offer plans based on the number of messages to be sent in a month. We advise you to evaluate your message volume and choose a plan that best fits your current needs. Keep in mind that the provider you choose should be able to scale up the solution as your business expands.
  • Uptime and reliability: Most carriers have started filtering unnecessary SMS messages and blocking spam sources to provide a better customer experience. For your SMS to reach the right audience, make sure you have a reliable and reputable SMS service provider or you may end up paying for the service even though your SMS messages are blocked by the carriers. Also, ensure that the service provider has a high uptime, so that you can send messages any time.
  • Ability to integrate with existing applications: We highly recommend choosing a solution that integrates with your existing systems, such as CRM, for smooth operations. This will prevent repetitive data entry as the integration would sync information across all applications in real time.
  • AI is the new buzzword: Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its impact in the marketing field as well. It is enabling marketers to analyse their audience's engagement level and reinvent the scope of communication. From customer responses to the SMS messages you send, AI software can suggest better promotions and offers to customers. A large number of marketers believe that AI will revolutionise marketing in 2020.
  • SMS messages could be used for credential verification: Using SMS messages to verify personal details and approve transactions through OTPs and push notifications is expected to increase. Until 2018, about 2 trillion SMS messages were sent globally for verifications and customer support. This shows that multiple industries have started using, and will continue to use, SMS as a trusted mode to verify their customers and users.