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Welcome to The LogicGate Risk Cloud. Risk Cloud is an end-to-end suite of applications that blend flexibility and out-of-the-box functionality to aggregate, manage, and mitigate the entire landscape of risk within an organization. Equipped with a quantitative understanding of their organizations risk posture, business leaders can supercharge their risk programs and take on smarter risks and opportunities. Learn more about The LogicGate Risk Cloud Transform your enterprise risk strategy from reactive to proactive with The LogicGate Risk Cloud. Learn more about The LogicGate Risk Cloud
cammsrisk is the easy way to manage risk on the cloud. We keep things simple, with a simple to follow user interface, pre-configured risk, incident and hazard management templates and easy-to-read dashboards. But we don't let this simplicity compromise performance. cammsrisk complies with international standards such as ISO 31000:2009 and the COSO framework. Plus, our iOS and Android apps mean you can access your organisations data anywhere, any time. Learn more about cammsrisk An easy way to manage all of your organisation's enterprise risk management needs including governance, compliance and more. Learn more about cammsrisk
The Fusion Framework® System aligns your strategic objectives to key risk management techniques through flexible and agile tools. You set the appropriate context to analyze, assess, monitor, and respond to risk, and integrate your data across the enterprise to make informed decisions. With Fusion Framework, you will see greater productivity and more impactful risk data as you establish your shared information foundation and program taxonomy. Learn more about Fusion Framework System Discover how Fusion can redefine your risk management program. Learn more about Fusion Framework System
Over 1000 of the world's largest organizations trust Resolver's software. Resolver's Risk Management Software connects risks to incidents, so that assessments of what could happen are linked to what did happen. Quantify the impact of your risk mitigation plans. Identify where your risk register has gaps and where risk assessments were overly confident. Simplify risk management and improve remote collaboration with the front line. Simplify tasks. Automate data collection and reporting. Learn more about Resolver Resolver's Risk Management Software connects risks to incidents so that assessments of what could happen are linked to what did happen. Learn more about Resolver
Cority Risk Assessment & JHA software is an important component of our Environmental, Safety and Industrial Hygiene software suites. Our team of EHS professionals have collaborated with experts from client companies to deliver market-leading risk assessment software. This robust solution will enable you to plan and build an effective risk assessment program and perform ongoing analysis to continuously evaluate and mitigate risk. Learn more about Risk Management Software Purpose-Built Enterprise EHS Software Solutions Designed, Deployed, and Supported by Certified EHSQ Professionals. Learn more about Risk Management Software
CyberGRX has the #1 third-party risk management platform that automates self-assessments and their validation for third-party suppliers. Identify risks, reduce costs, scale your ecosystem, and get access to advanced analytics that'll save countless hours of manually assessing risk. Learn more about CyberGRX Third-party risk management platform that automates self-assessments and their validation for third-party vendors. Learn more about CyberGRX
Multi-award winning web based QHSE Risk & Compliance Software, 1 million+ users, 200+ countries. Used by Fortune 500 companies to SMEs. All functions in one application, not modules. BI, Offline apps * Incident & Action management * Risk & Compliance * Programs, Projects, Tasks * Injury Management, RTW, Claims, * HR Performance * Controlled documents * Contractor Management *Training & eLearning system *Business Intelligence system * Off-line apps - full mobility *SMARTForm builder Learn more about integrum QHSE Risk & Compliance Software World class integrated QHSE Risk & Compliance system used in 200+ countries with 1,000,000+ licensed users. With full BI system. Learn more about integrum QHSE Risk & Compliance Software
Donesafe is the all-in-one Health, Safety, and Environmental software that connects your management system from workers in the field to the management team in the boardroom. Donesafe makes it fast and easy to access, enter and report risk data in real time. Donesafe is a modern & fresh platform with end to end functionality. It works online with any device, including offline with native iOS and Android apps. Use our out-of-the-box templates or create your own. Try now. Learn more about Donesafe 1 cloud-based EHS platform to solve ALL your safety requirements. Simple for workers to use, simple for managers to customize. Try now. Learn more about Donesafe
BIC GRC automates your processes to identify, evaluate and avoid risks. Features for governance, internal control and compliance allow the cross-departmental cooperation. With standardized workflows you cover every step of your integrated risk management, from the test of design to the action management. Reporting features support the unambiguous sharing of information for the internal revision and external audits. Learn more about BIC Cloud GRC With BIC GRC companies realize the wholesome management, control and monitoring of their integrated risk management. Learn more about BIC Cloud GRC
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Diligent Entities (formerly Blueprint OneWorld) helps your organization centralize its corporate record securely, ensuring that your team are able to access, manage and report on entity information anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Putting the right entity information, analytics, and insights at your teams fingertips empowers you to improve compliance, make better informed decisions and grow your organization sustainably. Learn more about Diligent Entities Diligent Entities helps organizations centralize, manage and report on their corporate record; creating a single source of truth. Learn more about Diligent Entities
Corporater Risk is a software solution for organizations to assess risks and monitor the effectiveness of risk reduction activities. With a multitude of Risk Register Libraries, and pre-defined processes and workflows based on need, you can manage Enterprise Risks, Barrier and Hazard Risks, Operational and IT Risks, and Project and Portfolio Risks. Supports a variety of frameworks, such as COSO or ISO risk frameworks. Suitable for medium and large organizations. Learn more about Corporater Business Management Platform Corporater is a flexible solution that organizations use to assess risks and monitor the effectiveness of risk reduction activities. Learn more about Corporater Business Management Platform
IntelligenceBank GRC is a customizable platform that makes risk & compliance management easy. Users easily can track, manage and report on Risks, CSA, Health and Safety Incidents, Conflict of Interest Declarations, Audit Outcomes, Policies, Contracts, Incidents, Customers and more. You can customize the information users view via customizable dashboards and create your own registers without IT. Workflow lets you assign tasks, and you can link records to related documents. Learn more about IntelligenceBank GRC IntelligenceBank GRC makes risk management easy for everyone. Centralize risk registers, manage documents, assign tasks & run reports. Learn more about IntelligenceBank GRC
Multi-regulation Governance, Risk and Compliance platform for highly regulated industries. AdaptiveGRC Enterprise Risk Manager is a powerful on-line risk elaboration and visualization tool designed to support superior risk identification, monitoring and reporting. Key Features: > Stores and manages the customers Risk Register > Follows the established principles of Risk Management including ISO 31000 > Allows the Risk Owner to have multiple stakeholders inputting into a single risk record Learn more about AdaptiveGRC A powerful on-line risk elaboration and visualization tool designed to support superior risk identification, monitoring and reporting. Learn more about AdaptiveGRC
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We support you and your stakeholders to better understand and engage with risk, take decisions, assign actions and monitor affect. Designed for non-risk experts and the C-suite, we know the importance of simplicity for users combined with the need for flexibility, analysis and reporting for risk experts. GOAT is founded and built by a risk practitioner, regularly publishing practical risk advice that resonates with the C-suite. Our aim is to help you SCALE RISK WITH CONFIDENCE. Learn more about GOAT Risk GOAT is a simple to use risk system designed by a trusted risk expert made available to all from £12/mo. Learn more about GOAT Risk
Safesite is a free, easy-to-use digital safety solution for individuals and teams who want to collaborate, ditch paper, and improve safety. Over 4,000 companies trust the Safesite platform to conduct safety inspections and audits, drive team safety engagement, and empower every worker in their organization to be a safety champion. Learn more about Safesite Free, easy-to-use digital safety solution for individuals and teams who want to collaborate, ditch paper, and improve safety. Learn more about Safesite
audits.io is a fully customisable tool that works on all devices - both on and offline. Conduct audits and inspections on the go with your mobile or tablet and continue the work on a computer if you feel so. Attach images and other files, assign corrective actions and notify responsible people, share the automated PDF-reports to stakeholders, and analyse bottlenecks and trends from the real time statistics. Digitalise Risk Management in your organisation today! Learn more about audits.io Your go-to solution for risk related audits, inspections and checks. From HSE to Security and Brand audits, we've got you covered. Learn more about audits.io
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Smart Software offers Smart IP&O, an integrated set of native web applications for demand planning, inventory optimization, and supply chain analytics. It provides a single, easy to use, easy to scale, easy to collaborate, environment with robust inventory and forecast modeling. Our implement one, implemented for all approach means you can address a discrete set of needs initially and add new apps when ready without additional implementation costs. Learn more about Smart IP&O We are a leading provider of demand planning, forecasting, and inventory optimization solutions. Learn more about Smart IP&O
With today's regulatory compliance requirements, the iGrafx Business Transformation Platform provides the foundation for organizations seeking a holistic approach to quality risk management, compliance and governance. We help companies meet the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, as well as several healthcare, environmental and other regulations in a structured, controlled and secure way. Learn more about iGrafx With iGrafx, companies develop an integrated view of their business processes with the risk & control points necessary for compliance. Learn more about iGrafx
Risk management software made easy. Centrally manage risks by assigning actions, risk scores, tasks, priorities and employees to minimize potential issues. The Risk Assessment Module in QT9 QMS makes it simple to conduct risk investigations. QT9's web-based platform allows you to manage approvals, send email alerts, assign tasks and manage risk categories. Track your risk assessments by risk categories and risk scores with real-time reports. Schedule a Demo and Start a Free 30-Day Trial Today! Learn more about QT9 Quality Management Risk management software made easy. Manage risks with a web-based solution that gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere. Learn more about QT9 Quality Management
TeamMate Audit is a comprehensive audit management system that helps auditors and audit department leadership manage all aspects of the audit process. TeamMate helps organizations around the world to identify and evaluate risk, create and manage audits, schedule projects and allocate resources, capture T&E, manage issue remediation, monitor and report on status with notifications and dashboards. Learn more about TeamMate + Audit TeamMate Audit is an audit management solution that helps auditors and audit department leadership manage all aspects of an audit. Learn more about TeamMate + Audit
IT teams implement Nlyte to automate, manage, and de-risk critical infrastructure. From the data center, colo, edge, and cloud, Nlyte discovers, manages, and reports on physical and virtual compute, infrastructure, software, and IoT assets. Nlyte includes asset, power, and energy monitoring, management. Asset Lifecycle includes capacity management, what-if planning, predictive analytics, workflow, and out of the box integration with IT, BMS, and critical BI systems. Learn more about Nlyte DCIM A Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in 2014, 2015, 2016, Nlyte has the largest and most sophisticated DCIM implementations in the world. Learn more about Nlyte DCIM
JCAD's off the shelf risk management software, CORE, provides businesses with a framework that enables controlled management of risk and compliance with a clear link to objectives and strategy. JCAD CORE's growing portfolio of clients spans a variety of industries from housing, education, utilities & government bodies, and is already effectively supporting businesses to manage a range of compliance regulations including: Health & Safety Assessment Financial Compliance Covenants Contracts Learn more about JCAD CORE Risk and compliance management solution with auditing, analytical, and data management capabilities. Learn more about JCAD CORE
SpiraPlan is an Enterprise Agile Program Management tool that let's all your projects, programs and portfolios work in harmony! With SpiraPlan, manage your QA, projects, tasks, issues, code, risks and resources quickly and easily. SpiraPlan includes an enterprise risk management system that is fully integrated with requirements and project management features. Its risk management module lets you identify, analyze, treat, and monitor risks with support for risks, mitigations, tasks and risk cubes Learn more about SpiraPlan SpiraPlan is a turn-key Enterprise Agile Program Management system that helps identify, manage, track and treat risks in your programs. Learn more about SpiraPlan
Fraud.net is the leading fraud prevention platform for enterprises in the financial services and digital commerce sectors. Our unified algorithmic architecture combines AI & deep learning, Collective intelligence, Rules-based decision engines, and Streaming analytics to detect fraud in real-time, at scale. Fraud.net is the only cloud-based "glass-box" system, offering transparent solutions to help organizations reduce risk and optimize business processes. Call us today for a free consultation. Learn more about Fraud.net Cloud-based digital risk management platform that uses AI to assist firms with fraud prevention, identity, rules and analytics. Learn more about Fraud.net
The system is fully focused on automating the back-office of KYC and due diligence processes. All the tasks that are usually done manually by teams of human beings, KYC Portal focuses on automating. It starts of from the aspect that it allows the client directly to fill in and uploading the entire on-boarding process. KYCP also automates the calculation of risk based on pre-defined dynamic parameters which allows for instant automation on how the application should be handled. Learn more about KYC Portal Real-time, risk-driven lifecycle management platform with full ownership of policy automation, increased efficiencies, and reduce risk. Learn more about KYC Portal
TOPIA is a risk management platform that analyzes the entire application/OS ecosystem of an organization to identify and map out every risk based on priority. With the ability to track the interactions between an application and the OS, TOPIA mitigates risk before it can become a threat to an organization¿s integrity. A risk management platform that empowers organizations to manage risk across their unique landscape of applications and operating systems. Learn more about TOPIA Clear and easy to use iPreemptive Risk Management Platform Learn more about TOPIA
Identify, store and share Risk data in a consistent and methodological manner across the organisation. Automate the process of capturing inherent, residual and target risk evaluations, as well as other relevant assessment data. Establish KRIs to provide an early warning of potential changes to risk exposure. Define possible risk scenarios, and capture the possible impact, probability and cost associated with a risk event. Learn more about Optial SmartStart Identify, assess, monitor and mitigate risk throughout your organisation Learn more about Optial SmartStart
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Enablons Risk Management software enables organizations to ensure the identification, documentation and assessment of risks, perform control management and issue identification,and implement recommendations & remediation plans to minimize risks and save money. Our solutions are used by over 1,000 global companies and over 1 million end-user Let Enablon simplify your risk management processes and ask for a free demo now! Learn more about Risk Management Software Enablon provides the most complete EHS, Risk and Sustainability Management software on the market designed for Fortune 500 companies. Learn more about Risk Management Software
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With DefendX Software File Auditor, you have an immediate view of who is accessing which documents across your entire storage environment. The view is in real time. This file auditing software gives you automatic reporting and auditing tools. These tools help you build an extra layer of security around your company's sensitive file data and intellectual property. Learn more about DefendX Control File Auditor With DefendX File Auditor, you have an immediate view of who is accessing which documents across your entire storage environment. Learn more about DefendX Control File Auditor
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Parapet enables you to integrate your end-to-end Risk Management. Parapet does this by providing Risk, Controls, Assets, Standards and Regulatory libraries. Parapet also implements audit, asset, remediation and assurance activities. You can adopt risk or control based approach to simplify your Certification and Accreditation process. Learn more about Parapet Parapet Integrated risk management (IRM) helps you manage your enterprise's risks, compliance, audit, health and safety in one place. Learn more about Parapet
Netwrix Auditor is a visibility platform for user behavior analysis and risk mitigation that enables control over changes, configurations and access in hybrid IT environments to protect data regardless of its location. The platform provides security intelligence to identify security holes, detect anomalies in user behavior and investigate threat patterns in time to prevent real damage. This intelligence is delivered across the most critical on-premises and cloud IT systems in a unified way. Continuously assess and proactively mitigate data security risks.
Process management software teams love to use, Promapp makes it easy to create, navigate, share and change business processes, enabling quality assurance, risk management and business continuity. Promapp provides an intuitive online, process mapping tool, a central cloud-based process repository & a comprehensive process improvement tool set, supporting the development of smarter and safer ways to work & simplifying process mapping so that business teams can own and improve their own processes. Process management software teams love to use. Promapp makes it easy to create, navigate, share and change business processes.
ProcessGene develops forward-thinking GRC software solutions, designed to serve multi-subsidiary organizations. The company has been acknowledged as a market leader and innovator by the most important analyst firms. Businesses and governments worldwide use ProcessGene solutions to manage and control risks, assure compliance to policies and regulations, manage corporate governance programs, and perform internal audits. Develops forward-thinking GRC software solutions, designed to serve multi-subsidiary organizations.
Risk management software for quality, health & safety & environmental management (QHSE). Integrated modules include: accidents & incidents, audits & inspections, event management, document management, human resources, improvements & non-conformances, plant & equipment, risk management and supplier management. Cloud-based software for small & midsize businesses looking for an easier way to manage their risk management systems.
Qualtrax is a complete quality and compliance software system used to manage and control documentation, automate business processes, manage customizable workflows, streamline training management, manage internal and external audits and ensure implementation of critical industry regulations in real-time. Ideal for heavily-regulated industries, where compliance with standards including ISO 17025, 17020, 13485, and 9001, TNI, GFSI, FDA, and FQS are required. Quality management solution that helps users manage documentation, compliance, workflows, risk management & testing and training.
Powerful & user friendly risk management software with dashboard metrics & charts, web portal, threat assessments, risk audits, risk log history, workflow approvals, notifications, alerts, threat response, risk ratings, and documents. Reporting integration with financial software. Offers supporting modules to track events, incidents, contracts, insurance, claims, projects, and assets. Works across all industries and offered fully hosted or self hosted with professional support & training. A1 Tracker features custom reporting, automation, metrics, portals, & notifications to streamline management & control processes.
IntegrityNext enables organizations to monitor 100% of their suppliers for sustainability & compliance in order to meet the regulatory requirements. The IntegrityNext platform automatically obtains the required supplier self-assessments and certificates while monitoring social media for malpractice and reputational risks. Among others, IntegrityNext covers Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption, Environmental Protection, Human Rights & Labor, Health & Safety, Cyber Security and Business Continuity. IntegrityNext is a cloud-based platform that enables companies to monitor 100% of their suppliers for sustainability and compliance.
ESM+STRATEGY empowers teams to formulate, track, and communicate their strategic plan. ESM+OKR leverages Objectives and Key Results to help organizations tactically get work done. ESM+CYBER enables organizations to manage risk, compliance, and cyber security. ESM+PERFORM empowers employees to link goals to the organizational strategy. With automated Balanced Scorecards, strategy maps, dashboards, and instant reports, ESM brings strategy to life. ESM supports beginner and advanced strategy practitioners. Our STRATEGY, OKR, CYBER, and PERFORM modules stand alone or link together.
Over 200.000 users agree: Granite Risk Management is a digital tool for modern risk management. With an easy-to-use risk management solution, risk identification and risk assessment take no time at all, and implementing corrective measures is effective. Automated reports make it easy to monitor results and deliver on set goals. With Granite Risk Management risks are easily identified and systematically assessed, and implementing corrective measures is effective. With a digital tool risk management, compliance and governance are tackled smoothly without spreadsheets. Try it free for 30 days.
AuditBoard's RiskOversight is purpose-built to elevate and execute risk management programs across the enterprise - including risk identification, assessment, response, mitigation, and monitoring - all in a highly integrated, visual, and intuitive solution. AuditBoard's RiskOversight is purpose-built to elevate and execute risk management programs across the enterprise.
Onspring's cloud-based software builds greater clarity and control into your enterprise risk management program. Identify risks that could impact your strategic objectives, business functions and services. Evaluate risks and prioritize them by criticality or tier. Develop and monitor risk mitigation plans, and report in real-time to risk owners and executive management. Watch the video demo now! Onspring's Risk Management software puts you in control of your ERM program. User-friendly, easy setup and fully configurable.
Reduce the time you spend managing third-party Contractors by 70%, overnight. Our free software simplifies your existing process of collecting, managing and re-qualifying mandatory Contractor requirements (such as insurance certificates). Upcoming audit? Improve and monitor your compliance levels in real time and ensure everyone who works on-site has the required documentation to do their job. Contractor Compliance can be set up in minutes and will save your company hours every week. Free software for managing Contractors that checks qualifications, tracks mandatory documents and shows compliance levels in real time.
Manage Anything. OneSoft match your business just like LEGO! Simplify your life and manage most of your day-to-day issues from one environment. Say goodbye to your messy documents, spreadsheets or apps. Manage tasks, meeting minutes, activities with customers, on your projects, assets, opportunities, contracts and many others. you're drowned in documents and appkch? Manage anything. OneSoft match your business just like LEGO! Say goodbye to your messy documents, spreadsheets and many apps.
Form.com specializes in taking any audit, inspection, or field data collection process and turning it into a fully integrated mobile application. Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders use Form.com applications to improve quality, promote safety, and ensure compliance in the field by streamlining operations, improving oversight, and capturing actionable insights in real time. Visit Form.com to begin your operational transformation today. Form.com is an award-winning provider of forms automation solutions for the enterprise.
ZenGRC strengthens risk posture by delivering actionable insights on risk categories, vectors, and controls. Our centralized, cloud-based risk management audit software monitors risks automatically and quickly alerts you of changes, streamlining risk remediation with workflows that drive agility in an organization¿s risk management program. Gain awareness, clarity, and more control over your entire risk posture, while driving operational efficiency with ZenGRC. ZenGRC is a cloud-based risk management solution that enables centralized visibility into an organization¿s complete risk posture.
Tandem Security & Compliance Software is an innovative suite of information security and compliance management tools used by more than 1400 U.S. financial institutions. Products include: Risk Assessment, Policies, Business Continuity Planning, Vendor Management, Social Media Management, Audit Management, Phishing, Cybersecurity, and more. Software features include secure document storage, unlimited users, roles & responsibilities, tasks, email reminders, and incredible support. Information security and compliance software for Risk Assessment, Policies, Business Continuity Planning, Vendor Management, and more.
The flexible, scalable and integrated Keylight Platform allows companies to manage all facets of their risk management program. Keylight interconnects risk management disciplines while automating business processes and eliminating departmental redundancies. By offering a streamlined and holistic view of the organizations risk posture, companies of all sizes can view risk in context of their business goals, better prioritize their efforts, and realize a more efficient and effective risk program. Empowering companies of all sizes to run a more efficient and effective risk management program.
HighBond centralizes and simplifies core risk management activities in a single, integrated platform¿across the end-to-end risk process. The software also reduces subjectivity by seamlessly integrating risk indicators into the assessment process. Plus it helps distributed teams identify risks and aggregate risk assessments through remote workshops. As a result, risk management spends less time on process administration and more time effecting change. Integrated risk management software that identifies, assesses, responds to, and monitors your enterprise risks.
ecoPortal is a cloud-based EHS and integrated risk management system. It helps to transform confusing paper forms, complex spreadsheets and clunky legacy software into a simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface. The software is highly configurable to suit the requirements of any organisation. ecoPortal is cloud-based, configurable software that simplifies the management of health & safety, environmental and enterprise risks.
CyberOne is the GRC tool for evaluating security risk/ERM/ORM for all-size companies. Establish KRI/KPI's, build risk registers, monitor and evaluate your risk and conduct issue management with risk mitigation, exception and extension request workflows. Best in class dashboards and reporting for leadership and board presentations, increase performance by making informed decisions about risk across the organization. $125/month/user. InfoSec, ERM, ORM, Risk Register, KRIs, and issue management for all-size companies and industries, for informed risk-based operating.
Process Safety, HSE and Enterprise Risk solution for HAZOPs, qual-quant Risk Analysis, Bowties, Control Assurance, Actions & Dashboards Process Safety, HSE and Enterprise Risk solution for HAZOPs, qual-quant Risk Analysis, Bowties, Control Assurance, Actions & Dashboards
Analytic Solver offers point-and-click, enterprise-strength optimization, simulation/risk analysis, and prescriptive analytics, and data mining, text mining, forecasting, and predictive analytics in your browser. You can try it for free. It's supported by Solver developer Frontline Systems. Simulation, data mining, and optimization tool that helps users with dimensional modeling, building decision trees, risk analysis, etc.
VComply is an exceptionally simple way to manage and monitor responsibilities for Compliance in an organization. It works on a simple principle that every instance needs to be addressed as an individual responsibility. It organizes, categorizes and follows up on those responsibilities required for compliance in an organization. Not only is there a full catalog of Compliance under different laws and regulations, one can create one's own unique compliance responsibility with exceptional ease. VComply organizes, categorizes and follows up on responsibilities required for compliance in an organization.
Healthcare risk management and compliance simplified. Designed by risk management experts for risk management experts - Compliance Manager offers a user-friendly incident management, risk assessment & management, auditing, training, and real-time reporting platform. Healthicity engineers and artists contribute to giving it an extremely intuitive and responsive look and feel. Watch an on-demand video demo to see it for yourself. The only all-in-one healthcare compliance software solution that centralizes every aspect of your compliance program.
Software system for managing business risk, sustainability, and compliance. Also covers content and business performance management. Software system for managing business risk, sustainability, and compliance. Also covers content and business performance management.
Award Winning, purpose-built enterprise risk management software featuring unique risk bow tie functionality, risk appetite frameworks and thresholds, strategy centric risk, board reporting module, heat maps and more. Upgrading your ERM program made easy. ERM system with risk voting, appetite, board reporting and more. Flexible pricing for Individuals , Teams and Enterprise. Try for Free.
NAVRISK VISION is a comprehensive administration tool for General Liability, Medical Practice Liability, and Workers Compensation Claims with additional solutions for Analytics, RMIS, Policy Issuance, Safety and Property Appraisal. We serve clients in the alternative risk market including Self-Insureds, Public Risk Pools, Insurance Brokers, and TPAs. DAVID Corporation is the developer of NAVRISK VISION the alternative risk markets most powerful management automation solution.
Used by more than 100,000 professionals to complete over 2,000,000 audits/inspections annually, Certainty is a proven enterprise-level solution for any audit/inspection-based safety management program. Certainty allows for data entry from paper, browser, Excel import or the Certainty app & has all you need to design & manage audit/inspection checklists; collect & report audit/inspection data; & manage & mitigate the risks, incidents & issues identified in the audit/inspection process. Manage Performance, Not Data!
Go touchless! HammerTech provides online enrollments, virtual orientations, touchless meetings with virtual signatures, and touchless sign-in/sign-out to keep teams safe and healthy! In the platform you can manage equipment orientation & monitoring, permit management, JHA and SDS management, safety plans, audits, compliance, observations, inspections, punch lists and more within one mobile, configurable platform. Consolidate your apps, and go all in one. HammerTech is a cloud-based, all-in-one, mobile field operations platform ensuring operational efficiency, quality and safety.
FileHandler Enterprise is an intuitive claims administration system designed to help streamline and automate workflows for the claims and risk management market. Complete with new dashboards, reporting functionality, business intelligence tools, and improved security, FileHandler Enterprise is the new benchmark for Claims Management Software. FileHandler Enterprise will transform your companys data into rich visuals built and defined by you.
Say hello to Merlin Project 5! The next generation of Merlin Project app is here. With kanban boards, groupings, resource pool, mind maps & much more we define with this version again the standard for project management software on the Mac. Merlin Project is the professional tool for project managers for the Mac. Try out the new version absolutely free for 30 days!
HANDS HQ is an innovative risk assessment and method statement platform for specialist contractors that reduces accidents, keeps projects on track and wins more work. HANDS HQ has been purpose-built for construction, M&E, facilities management and other high-risk industries to create high-quality risk assessments, method statements and COSHH assessments 80% faster than any other solution that experiencer lower document rejection. An online health and safety platform for creating project-specific risk assessment and method statements in minutes.
ISN collects health and safety, procurement, quality and regulatory information for more than 60,000 contractors and 500 Hiring Clients across capital-intensive industries in more than 85 countries. ISNs subject matter experts review this information to help assess the accuracy, relevance and timeliness of the data. Using ISNetworld as an integral part of their management systems, Hiring Clients are able to connect with safer, more reliable contractors and suppliers around the globe. ISNs online contractor management platform, ISNetworld, assists its customers with meeting record keeping and compliance requirements.
You're concerned for the safety of your employees and fleet drivers. LifeSaver Mobile will dramatically reduce your employee and fleet driving distraction from mobile phone use. Our software tools and reporting will keep your employees off their phones behind the wheel. Reduce cell phone distracted driving for your mobile workforce.
AssessNET is a powerful cloud based Health and Safety management system, designed by safety professionals within our software business. AssessNET delivers real-time H&S compliance so you and your team can easily manage tasks, duties and records, giving you visibility and insights to achieve complete control of your organisation's H&S performance. Drive your safety culture and gain peace of mind, enhancing safety and wellbeing. See it for yourself to find out why we are different. Due diligence will save you time, money & hassle. Check us out for free, 500,000+ users can't be wrong. AssessNET - be on the safe side
Project, Programme Portfolio management platform enabling effective decision making through "one version of the truth" reporting. Risks, Actions, Interventions and Dependancies are all closely recorded and monitored through securely hosted data. In turn this is presented in easy format to teams for collaboration and upward reporting. Milestones and gated governance are integral to this system which ensures clear execution of strategy, delivers projects and programmes on time and in budget. A management tool enabling improvement of risk assurance and governance through control of projects, programmes and portfolios.
Daisee is a natural language processing application that combines accurate transcription with AI-driven insights to deliver real time analysis of 100% contact center calls, irrespective of the call recording platform. With automated scorecard capability, Daisee triage's calls that are most important for QA which enables pro-active remediation for compliance, risk, customer experience, agent training and coaching. Daisee actually listens to every conversation and delivers real value from day 1. Artificial Intelligence Speech analytics software for contact centers to enable 100% coverage and automation of high risk calls.
360inControl is a new generation of an internal control system (ICS), comprising governance risk & compliance (GRC), information security management (ISMS) and audit & assessment management. It is a Tenant based SaaS solution that allows extremely fast onboarding and full scalability. Benefit from a comprehensive control library and/or migrate your own controls. The license model allows the use by ALL employees. Winner of the "Solution Award 2019" of the German CISO-Alliance. Internal control system, comprising integrated governance risk & compliance. Winner of the "Solution Award 2019" German CISO-Alliance.
Web-based solution that provides weather surveillance through alerts, risk management, reporting and more. Web-based solution that provides weather surveillance through alerts, risk management, reporting and more.
Ostendio MyVCM is an Integrated Risk Management Platform that makes it easier to build, operate and showcase your security program. Unlike combining multiple point tools, documents, and spreadsheets, Ostendio provides a single solution that incorporates users and requirements across the entire enterprise. Consider MyVCM if you need to demonstrate compliance to security standards and regulations to your customers, employees, auditors or partners. Ostendios MyVCM is a cybersecurity and information management software helping companies comply with any standard from SOC2 to HITRUST
Dynamic cloud platform that automates entire risk management workflows, including identification, evaluation, prioritization, controls, CAPA, and reporting. Gain confidence that operational risks are addressed by standardizing your risk process and getting automated alerts and tracking. Real-time qualitative and quantitative analytics keep your team in the know, in addition to secure risk repositories, task lists, and risk matrices. Simple to configure and use, delivering powerful automation. Advanced risk control: automate inspections, identification, ranking, response, communication & reporting. Intelligent & configurable.
Governance, risk & compliance document control doesn't have to be painful. If you're still using spreadsheets, calendar reminders and email, there is a better way. Take control of your governance, risk and compliance documents with TrackMyRisks. Take control of governance, risk and compliance documents. Store and share documents securely. Automate renewals and reminders.
Auditrunner is designed to provide a secure, user-friendly, comprehensive low-code software platform that encompasses all facets of Risk, Governance, Compliance, and Quality Management. The architecture allows organizations of all sizes to interconnect people and systems to design and run processes seamlessly. This technology digitalized 3000+ business processes for 10+ industries including: banking, insurance financial services energy biotechnology FMCG Manufacturing End-to-end audit process management, which can write reports automatically in IIA standards. Modular structure to expand into GRC SW.
Emex is revolutionizing risk management by delivering powerful software that increases workplace safety and reduces vulnerability to operational hazards. Our advanced tools allow you to efficiently manage compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations and prevent the possibility of costly incidents optimizing your business performance. We give you the ability to have a birds-eye view of your operations so you can effectively justify insurance claims and keep premiums in check. Emex is an intuitive platform that automates & simplifies the management of operational risks and compliance processes.
RiskGap.com is an Lessons Learned management platform and Enterprise Risk Management Online Tool which uses the power of team collaboration and expert wisdom. RiskGap.com helps project teams to identify, assess, and mitigate Project Risks. Using RiskGap enterprise users may collect, save and reuse critical knowledge about risks and threats. RiskGap provides Risk Analytics and Reporting as well as clear Risk Mitigation task management. EPM, BIM, PLM, Microsoft Exchange, Trello Integration. Helps project teams to identify, assess, mitigate Project Risks. Let you build Enterprise Risk & Lessons Learned Knowledge Base.
Discover effective Risk Management with prevero, ranked a Visionary by Gartner in their Magic Quadrant. Replace Excel with the familiar and easy to use interface in prevero to deliver consistent data and produce one version of truth. Discover why more than 400 companies trust prevero to improve their financial planning and analysis processes and reduce the time taken. Watch our free online demo now to find out more. prevero provides solutions for planning, budgeting, forecasting, data analysis, dashboarding and operational planning.
Protect your business and ensure regulatory compliance with mandatory training requirements. Scrap the spreadsheet, with WalletCard occupational health & safety records are easily and automatically updated to reduce the administrative burden of training management. With a collaborative digital safety record at it's core: our technology eliminates manual tracking of fragmented paper records by consolidating all documentation into one easy to access cloud-based solution to prove due diligence. Eliminate paper records & manual tracking of workplace certificates with a secure, collaborative, all-in-one risk management solution.
Builds up your risk management program. Controls data transfer and communication channels, including email, social networks, messengers, web forms, applications (Skype), printers and flash drives. Tracks usage and editing of sensitive documents and manages access to databases. Helps you conduct an ongoing and retrospective investigation as it encompasses all the needed instruments to quickly identify the source of an incident, the reason for a violation and the means an offender used. Creates a balanced risk management framework, investigates, monitors data transfer channels, internal and external user communication
Powernoodle helps leaders make better quality decisions by quickly and effectively engaging the collective wisdom of stakeholders. We provide the most powerful, yet easy to use, Decision Engagement Platform. Cloud technology is fused with 50 years of cognitive, behavioral, and decision science to focus stakeholders, and minimize the biases, barriers and dysfunctions typical to most organizations that get in the way of making quality decisions. Powernoodle helps leaders make better quality decisions by quickly and effectively engaging the collective wisdom of stakeholders.
IRIS Business Architect is an agile strategy execution tool to design, architect, prioritize, and deliver your corporate future collaboratively with success. Business executives, change managers, enterprise architects, business analysts, and agile experts use IRIS Business Architect to plan, adjust, and deliver optimal strategic initiatives and projects. Our tool allows agile teams to adapt their plans rapidly in response to continual changes while minimizing risk and enhance decision making. Agile strategy execution software app to design, architect, prioritize, and deliver your corporate future collaboratively with success.
Extremely flexible and evolved software system, which enables the realization of any IT solution in order to implement the organization's Internal Control methodology in a fast and reliable way. It supports Change Management without affecting operational continuity, addressing the ongoing regulatory evolutions in highly dynamic organizational contexts. It is designed and structured from the very beginning with the clear goal of satisfying the need for integration. Expert web platform that enables the realization of Integrated Systems for Internal Control Functions and Business Intelligence.
Solutions to secure information for your organization, your employees, your vendors and yourself. Modern products for risk, compliance and security leaders to better protect critical information. Solutions to secure your information.
iManSys HSQE Compliance Management Software supports all your requirements in the areas of health, safety, quality and environment (HSQE). Our iManSys software suite consists of seven perfectly aligned software worlds that can be individually mixed and matched. Exploit the synergies to optimise your compliance management. For greater safety in your company! iManSys HSQE Compliance Management Software supports all your requirements in the areas of health, safety, quality and environment.
@RISK performs risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation to show you many possible outcomes in your spreadsheet model and how likely each are to occur. It mathematically and objectively computes and tracks many different possible future scenarios, then tells you the probabilities and risks associated with each different one. This means you can judge which risks to take and which ones to avoid, allowing for the best decision making under uncertainty. Shows many possible outcomes and how likely they are so you can judge which risks to take. Allows for best decision under uncertainty
ProcessMAPs Risk Assessment solution allows you to identify organizational risks, evaluate their impact on your organization and implement strategies to mitigate their impact. Identifying and prioritizing risks helps your organization reduce risk and prevent occurrences, ultimately improving its bottom line. Identify, Evaluate and Mitigate risk through Risk Assessment
SECTARA enables security risk consultants and corporate security managers to create advanced security risk assessments while assuring methodological rigour, all on an encryped platform. With growing data libraries for major productivity gains, SECTARA is suitable for any scope and industry, can be white labelled and sample uses cases on the website demonstrate how it may be best applied. Best of all theres an absolutely Free Plan! SECTARA is an encrypted SaaS platform for consultants and corporate/government managers to conduct security risk assessments.
AppTrana is a fully managed 24x7 application security solution that identifies application-layer vulnerabilities; protects & accelerates them instantly through a WAF and CDN; monitors traffic through proprietary machine learning algorithms and with its in-house security experts blocking emerging threats and DDoS attacks. We are trusted by over 2000+ global customers. We currently serve the Government, Banking, Finance, E-Commerce and SaaS based sectors. Helps businesses continuously identify the security posture of applications through automated security scans and manual Pen-Testing.
The Channel Platform connects strategy, project portfolio, demand and performance in a single solution. a. Connect your projects to the strategy, tracking goals and investments in one place b. Manage demands in a collaborative, integrated and centralized way c. Prioritize projects based on their attractiveness and business impact d. Evaluate your execution capacity, simulating resource allocation scenarios e. Ensure the best balance for CAPEX in your projects with investment scenarios The Channel Platform connects strategy, project portfolio, demand and performance in a single solution.
Maclear is a premier provider of award winning flexible and highly configurable GRC suite of solutions. Maclears founders with extensive knowledge and experience in GRC recognized the need for an easy to use, modular solution, with a systematic, organized, auditable approach to GRC. The solution enables organizations to meet their GRC requirements using the most robust and flexible framework available which can be deployed in weeks and at substantially lower total cost of ownership. A trusted governance, risk and compliance solution & services partner helping businesses manage risk and gain competitive advantage.
Log360, an integrated solution that combines ADAudit Plus and EventLog Analyzer into a single console, is the one-stop solution for all log management & network security challenges. It offers real-time log collection, analysis, correlation, & archiving abilities that help protect confidential data, thwart internal security threats, & combat external attacks. To help meet the most needed security, auditing, & compliance demands, it comes prepackaged over 1,200 predefined reports & alert criteria. Log360, a comprehensive SIEM solution that helps defend internal and external security attacks with log management ability.
Get a clear, simple overview of your risk register with all the control, guidance and visual cues you need to help embed a culture of Risk Management within your organisation. Visualise your Risk Register to properly manage your controls, actions, assurances and reviews and so mitigate your risks. Focus on whats important to get critical risks under control. Spend valuable time managing your risks, not wrestling with a spreadsheet. Understand your Risk Register and properly manage your controls, actions, assurances and reviews. Focus on whats important
Not knowing your organizations cyber risk score can leave your company overconfident and vulnerable against growing cyber threats that can costs millions in business disruption. We have reduced the complexity by combining the knowledge of risk management, cyber security and government regulations in an automated tool to empower your decision making and cyber risk management. Its simple, complete and affordable. Tool for cyber risk management with assessment and remediation.
Virtual Corporations Sustainable Planner is an affordable, comprehensive & customizable business continuity software solution. It empowers you and your organization to implement processes that build, update and maintain your own continuity and risk management plans. Solution to help you identify risk, threats & vulnerabilities that could impact your organization's operations.
360factors, Inc. is a cloud based Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management Technology Company specializing in Oil & Gas, Power & Utility and Banking & Financial Services industries. Predict360 vertically integrates regulatory information, policies and procedures, risks and controls, audit and inspections, and on-line training in a single platform. Its user friendly interface and pre-configured content enable functional managers and staff to manage their day-to-day risk and compliance issues. Comprehensive modular regulatory risk and compliance management suite for oil and gas, banking, finance, power & utilities sectors.
In-house or Cloud based Strategic Management, Enterprise Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance software in mission critical environment for managing ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO31000, ISO45001, ISO55000, ISO22000. FastTrack.net unique Neural Network architecture relates everything back to strategic & tactical objectives to give executives and boards the confidence of informed and powerful decision making tool. ERM & Regulatory Compliance software proven in mission critical environments for ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, ISO31000, ISO45001
Protecht is a leading risk management group that understands risk. Protecht.ERM is its flagship GRC/ERM solution supporting risk assessment, risk culture surveys, KRIs and KPIs to support risk appetite statements, compliance attestations and obligations, treatment plans and audit. The flexible form builder and workflow engine allows any form to be created for incident recording, internal audit findings, WHS forms, policies, conflicts of interest and business continuity to name a few. Dynamically manage all your risks in a single platform: Risks, Compliance, Health and Safety, Internal Audit, Incidents and KRIs.
SmartSolve solutions by Pilgrim, an IQVIA Company, automate and simplify the complex challenges of quality, supplier, regulatory, and risk management by incorporating best-practice workflows, document and process management, electronic signatures, audit trails, dashboards and analytics, and automated validation. With SmartSolve, you have solutions to efficiently handle audits, take control of quality and supplier management, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. Complete quality, supplier, compliance, and risk management solutions for life sciences.
Risk, audit, compliance and policy management tool aimed at executives, risk and project professionals. It works for many industries, such as aerospace, defense, engineering, construction, energy, mining and financial services among others. Available on-premise or as a cloud solution. Active Risk covers project management and strategic business planning with a main focus on risk management. Professionals can identify, assess, track, reduce and report on risks across the enter Enables management to embrace the management of risk from a corporate, operational and project level to improve business performance.
The ultimate project risk management tool to help project teams identify, quantify, and mitigate project risks with optimum efficiency. Risk management solution that enables businesses to identify, quantify, and mitigate project risks by sending action alerts.
Automate your risk, security and compliance management program with the RiskWatch Platform! Utilize real-time dashboards, smart emails, assessment cloning, and autogenerated reports to reduce your total assessment process an average of 74%. Our customizable software adapts to your unique needs and preferences, creating an efficient and user-friendly process. Our content libraries contain standards and frameworks ready for out-of-the-box use in your assessments such as ISO 27001, OSHA, or HIPAA. RiskWatch offers a web-based risk and compliance management platform that helps calculate your risk score, based on responses and gaps.

Risk Management Software Buyers Guide

Risk management software is a tool for businesses to identify risk tolerance and take appropriate measures to mitigate such situations. The software offers tools to document corporate governance, risk, and compliance tasks, as well as ensure that these elements align with the business objectives.

The key features of the software include risk identification, risk assessment, mitigation planning, reporting, and preventive action planning.

Gartner defines integrated risk management as "a set of practices and processes supported by a risk-aware culture, enabling technologies that improve decision making and performance through an integrated view of how well an organisation manages its unique set of risks".

Risk management software helps organisations measure the level of risk in ongoing projects and processes, and then generate meaningful insights as well as an action plan.

The benefits of risk management software

  • Mitigate risks and address threats in a timely fashion: The sole purpose of risk management software is to identify threats and address those in a timely fashion. Unaddressed issues can result in project failure as well as scenarios that generate negative publicity or damage the brand. The software would ensure that your projects, processes, or audits follow the guidelines. Leaders can intervene as soon as they detect a change from the regular course of action and make early moves to mitigate the risk.
  • Create a risk-aware culture: The software can also maintain a risk register, which includes in-depth details about the risk, its indicators, impact, and the actions required to avoid/minimise it. An organised database helps businesses train employees on the risks, the impact, and the preventive actions to be taken. This helps in creating a workforce that's more risk-aware and trained to operate systematically.
  • Risk prioritisation and assignment: No two risks have the same impact level. The software assesses the risk and assigns relevant scores to each risk. This helps businesses prioritise risks and escalates them to the concerned stakeholders. It saves the time taken to resolve the issue and ensures that the impact is minimal.

Typical features of risk management

  • Risk assessment: Assigns scores and ratings to risks or classifies issues based on multiple factors. Aggregates all the risk scores and categories from each assessment to create the business' risk register.
  • Dashboard: Sets and assigns key risk indicators (KRIs) and monitors these live on an interactive visual display.
  • Alerts/Notifications: Allows you to set and configure alerts for critical events and receive notifications in case of a breach or failure.
  • Risk reporting: Defines and records the KRIs that measure the efficiency of a risk management program in a defined format.
  • Compliance management: Ensures that risk management processes meet all the necessary regulatory compliance by defining and tracking processes and rules.
  • Auditing: Provides reports and tracks the status of risks and incidents to ensure accurate internal and external audits, so that businesses are always compliant.

Considerations when purchasing risk management

  • Define your expectations from the software: Risk management software offers broad functionality—from project risk management to financial risk management. Each type of software has its own set of key functionalities. Buyers should list their expectations from the software and then begin their search.
  • Plan for your budget: The software isn't cheap—ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars per year. The advanced features cost more. Therefore, plan a budget and shortlist suitable vendors. We recommend shortlisting solutions that can meet the needs of your long-term business strategy.
  • Cognitive intelligence to augment traditional decision making: Advancement in cognitive technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), and real-time data analytics have advanced the scope of risk management. These smart machines can detect, predict, and prevent risks by self-learning and self-managing the defences against old and new threats. For instance, Warwick Analytics' early warning and prevention system looks hours, days, and months ahead to predict when and how products in the field (such as aircraft and vehicles) will require maintenance. Identifying the root causes of failure helps them take corrective actions such as remanufacturing and redesigning products.
  • Risk management to be tied up with employee performance: These days, managers consider risk in terms of an employee's ability to innovate current workflows. As risks are now measurable, the software allows businesses to relate risk with the desire to innovate existing processes. They can then create a balance between risks and rewards. This new strategy will encourage employees to make risk-informed decisions.