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With Hotjar Surveys, you can get the context behind users' actions and learn what's important to them. Target on-site and off-site questions to users with customizable behavior triggers, and get a deeper understanding of their actions using flexible question logic. Collect deeper insights from your visitors before they abandon or customers as soon as they convert, using responsive surveys that work on any device. Learn more about Hotjar Collect deeper insights from your customers as soon as they convert, or visitors before they abandon, using responsive surveys. Learn more about Hotjar
Zonka Feedback CX Platform is a multichannel Survey and Feedback Software to transform the way you manage Employee and Customer Experience. Measure the right CX metrics including Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score & Customer Satisfaction Score. Take feedback and conduct surveys across multiple channels Tablets, Online, Email, & SMS. Keep your team aligned, view responses and collaborate to close the feedback loop. View insightful feedback reports to target Customer Delight and Growth. Learn more about Zonka Feedback Zonka Feedback CX Platform is a multichannel Survey & Feedback Software. Measure, improve and transform Employee Customer Experiences. Learn more about Zonka Feedback
AskNicely is the world's #1 Rated Experience Management Platform with 750+ 5 Star Reviews. With a mobile app for your teams, TV dashboards, and over 40 pre-built integrations, AskNicely makes it easy to collect customer feedback, measure NPS, respond to customers and motivate your teams make every customer experience awesome. Discover why thousands of people love using AskNicely. Book a demo at asknicely.com Learn more about AskNicely NPS Software Make every customer experience awesome. Learn more about AskNicely NPS Software
Survey software that is made for (and by) professional researchers. Conduct multi-modal surveys through our online web survey tools & streamline your data collection processes with our platform. Voxco users appreciate having the choice between hosted or on-premises servers, customizable data dashboards & personalized customer service. Voxco also has a mobile offline data collection platform. A global leader with clients in 30+ countries. Offices in Can/US, Europe & Aus. Try our sample survey! Learn more about Voxco Survey Platform Survey software that is made for (and by) professional researchers. Streamline your data collection processes with our survey platform. Learn more about Voxco Survey Platform
Survey and NPS software that helps you capture more customer feedback and deliver a better experience. Send surveys by email, link or in chat. Run targeted surveys on websites, in web apps or in mobile apps. Learn more about Survicate Email surveys customers can answer straight from email or via link - perfectly integrated into your email software. Learn more about Survicate
You need data to power your business you also care about how your audience experiences your brand. Whoever your audience is, one thing's clear: sharing information through forms & surveys should be easy, fun, and flawless on any device. By the way, Typeform integrates with over 500 of your favorite apps. Send data to Mailchimp to build your list, Google Sheets for analysis, or Salesforce to personalize your customer experience. Typeform: forms & surveys for the people. Learn more about Typeform Create interactive forms & surveys (and so much more). Give your audience the experience they deserve so you get the data you need. Learn more about Typeform
SurveyLegend is the next generation of online surveys engaging, platform-independent & beautiful. We empower companies - large & small - & individuals, to create mobile-friendly, gorgeous surveys. Now you can create great-looking surveys on your PC or tablet, customize the look of your survey however you like, & display collected data with eye-catching & insightful graphics. Creating questionnaires is done simply by drag & drop, & you don't need to be a market research expert to use our tool. Learn more about SurveyLegend Create engaging, platform-independent and beautiful surveys. We empower companies - large & small - & individuals, to collect feedback. Learn more about SurveyLegend
Looking for easy-to-use survey tool with plenty of powerful features? Survio is an online do-it-yourself platform that helps you build surveys, collect, analyze and share data. | Modern design and professional looking surveys that work on all devices. | Join more than 2 million satisfied customers from 190 countries around the world. | 16 languages | 19 question types | 100 survey templates | GDPR compliant | 2048-bit SSL security Learn more about Survio Easy-to-use | Award Winning | Survey platform with plenty of powerful features. Works on all devices. Learn more about Survio
A professional survey software specialized in the telephone methodology (CATI) that also manages online (CAWI) and offline (CAPI) in a clean and modern interface. With IdSurvey you easily script questionnaires, collect and analyze data all on the same platform. Web-based: you just need a common browser and internet connection. Turn your data into in-depth survey reports to share online with your team and customers. Available on cloud or premise. Learn more about IdSurvey Survey software specialized in telephone survey (CATI) methodology that also manages online (CAWI) and offline (CAPI). Learn more about IdSurvey
Peakon automatically collects employee feedback, analyses it, and then delivers you the insights you need to improve your business ¿ in real-time. Peakon is translated into 50+ languages, can deal with complex structures, and is able to handle tens of thousands of employees. Employees submit feedback via web, mobile browser, SMS, kiosk or native app ¿ our platform works everywhere, for everyone. Learn more about Peakon Peakon is a real-time employee feedback platform that gives you the insights to improve engagement, retention and optimise performance. Learn more about Peakon
SurveySparrow lets you turn surveys into conversations. With a conversational interface, SurveySparrow enables users to create and share highly engaging, mobile-first surveys that offer a chat-like experience. SurveySparrow Recurring Surveys let you send surveys at regular intervals to gauge customer or employee pulse. With easy sharing options, SurveySparrow allows you to share your surveys across Web, Mobile, Social, and E-mail to easily collect feedback from your targeted audience. Learn more about SurveySparrow Turn surveys into conversations with our chat-like surveys. Engage better with your customers & employees. Learn more about SurveySparrow
Easily create beautiful, mobile friendly assessments that provide automated scoring and feedback. Customize your assessments with your brand logos and colors. Supports scoring in multiple categories that you define. Provide customized feedback on-screen, in an email, and/or as a PDF. Automatically send responses to your CRM or any of thousands of applications. Redirect respondents to the URL of your choice depending on how they score on the assessment. Learn more about Assessment Generator Easily create beautiful, mobile friendly assessments that provide automated scoring and feedback. Learn more about Assessment Generator
Build and manage engaging, interactive customer and patient surveys for data collection with touchscreen kiosks, tablets and web with the feature-rich and proven Digivey survey software. Design interactive survey questionnaires including conditional branching and skipping, randomization ranking and more. Multilingual questionnaires, pictures, video and audio are supported as well. Capabilities also include quizzes and assessments. Instantly view reports and results online or offline. Learn more about Digivey Survey Suite Easily build & manage engaging surveys for touchscreen kiosks, tablets and web surveys with the feature-rich Digivey survey software. Learn more about Digivey Survey Suite
Nfield is a powerful cloud based data collection platform for professional market research organizations. It features all you need to conduct high quality, professional and secure surveys. Nfield is available for CAPI and Online interviewing. Nfield is delivered as a service: hosted and managed by NIPO Software. For you this means: no servers, no licenses and no IT costs. NIPO Software takes care of running the IT infrastructure and making sure the platform is available 24x7. Learn more about Nfield Easy to use, but industry strength SaaS based mobile, online, CAPI and CATI platform for the professional Market Research industry. Learn more about Nfield
Multirater Surveys has been designed to assist management teams to maximize employee engagement and performance levels. This powerful online people analytics survey platform not only provides a range of template surveys (including 180 Performance Review, 360 Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Client Pulse and Board Evaluation) but also the capability to edit/delete/add questions to create fully customized surveys that are guaranteed to meet all of the organizations requirements. Learn more about Multirater Surveys Online customisable 360 degree feedback surveys which streamline employee reviews and improve performance discussions. Learn more about Multirater Surveys
Outgrow allows you to build surveys that can be launched on multiple platforms with just a few clicks. Launch media-rich surveys in minutes using our ready-to-use templates. Gauge customer opinion, gather insights, and generate leads in the process. Transfer lead data seamlessly to 1000+ CRM and marketing software integrations. Connect with your audience seamlessly with Outgrow's new-age surveying software.Try it out today! Learn more about Outgrow Enables marketers to easily create calculators, recommendations, and quizzes to better acquire, qualify, and engage with leads. Learn more about Outgrow
Tired of boring surveys? So are we... Survey Anyplace focuses on creating fun, mobile and interactive quizzes & surveys. The kind that allows you to engage with your audience and leaves room for your own brand identity or personality. And you get more and better feedback! Try out our new report generation feature, which sends a personalized PDF report to your respondents based on each individual's answers Learn more about Survey Anyplace Tired of boring surveys? So are we... Survey Anyplace makes surveys, quizzes and assessments engaging, interactive and conversational! Learn more about Survey Anyplace
Start a FREE TRIAL and join over 500,000 people in 112 countries using Formstack, a versatile, drag-and-drop online form builder for everyone with plans starting at $19.99 a month. Without knowing how to code, you can create beautiful, mobile-friendly web forms to collect online payments, gather customer feedback, collect marketing leads, create automated workflows, or start from 100s of pre-built templates. HIPAA compliant with 50+ integrations for apps like Salesforce, MailChimp, and PayPal. Learn more about Formstack Forms Start a FREE TRIAL and join 500k+ users of our no-code form builder and directly send data to critical apps. Plans start at $19.99/mth. Learn more about Formstack Forms
The WorkTango platform creates space for employees to have a voice and helps companies easily gather frequent feedback for any engagement, transformation, or feedback initiative. Using data science and natural language understanding, actionable insights from employee feedback is served in real-time to Human Resources, C-Suite executives people leaders. The results are quicker insight, better people actionable decisions, and a more aligned and engaged workforce. Learn more about Employee Voice Surveys/Pulses WorkTango enables companies to give their employees a voice and easily collect feedback for any purpose to support actionable insight. Learn more about Employee Voice Surveys/Pulses
Reward Gateway helps clients increase employee engagement and drive business results through a tailored platform that combines employee recognition, communications, surveys, discounts and analytics in one unified hub. Our Client Success Team partners with you to create fully branded solutions aligned to your employee engagement goals, and to reflect your unique mission, culture and employer brand to drive the highest levels of platform usage. Learn more about Reward Gateway Reward Gateway's employee engagement platform brings strategic recognition, communications, employee surveys, and discounts together. Learn more about Reward Gateway
FastField is a mobile forms automation solution for efficient and accurate data collection. FastField allows for offline data capture to achieve a completely paperless workflow. Build highly customizable digital forms for Android, IOS and Web without any prior coding experience. FastField is ideal for audits, inspections, safety reports, and any other custom business forms. With FastField you can integrate proprietary data to pre-populate forms and automatically deliver custom reports. Learn more about FastField FastField is an extremely flexible mobile forms solution to collect data and automate your digital forms workflow. Learn more about FastField
Why to pay extra to when Compport has inbuilt functionality of running predefined surveys or giving you a platform to design your own surveys in just 3 simple steps in 3 minutes. Select/write a survey questions, select your audience, write a cover letter and launch. How about getting a live analytics while your survey is running or cascading actions based on the survey outcomes. Feedback collection has never been so easy... Learn more about Compport In house employee survey management tool that is integrated with your employee data for quick launch in 3 minutes. Learn more about Compport
Checkbox is a professional survey tool for individuals, teams, and enterprises and is available as a hosted subscription or on-premises (installable) software. Create beautifully branded surveys, deliver and track invitations, and analyze results from any standard PC or mobile browser. Customize Checkbox further with advanced developer features, API access, and optional source code. Trusted by leading companies, government organizations, and academic institutions since 2002. Learn more about Checkbox Survey Professional online survey software for individuals, teams, and enterprises. Available in hosted and on-premises versions. Learn more about Checkbox Survey
Refiner is a user feedback & customer survey tool for data driven SaaS companies. Ask your users any question while they are using your product. Uncover new insights instantly, increase conversions and better retain your customers. Alert your team, enrich CRM profiles, trigger personalised campaigns, or update your backend API with webhooks. Grow your business with real time customer insights. Learn more about Refiner User feedback & customer survey tool for data driven SaaS companies Learn more about Refiner
Mailchimp's all-in-one Marketing Platform helps small businesses market smarter so you can grow faster. As the backbone for your customer relationships, they provide AI-powered, user-friendly tools anyone can use to be successful. Mailchimp puts your audience at the center so you can send marketing emails and automated messages, create targeted ad campaigns, build landing pages, send postcards, facilitate reporting and analytics, and sell online. Mailchimp's all-in-one Marketing Platform helps small businesses market smarter so you can grow faster.
Trusted by 98% of the Fortune 500 and used in more than 335,000 organizations worldwide, SurveyMonkey's platform gives millions of people a way to turn feedback into action that drives growth and innovation. Get access to expert-written survey templates that speak to customers, employees, or your target audience. Create simple to advanced surveys in minutes. Discover why SurveyMonkey is a leading survey platform around the globe! A market-leading survey platform.
Survey builder application that allows one to create customizable forms that could be shared among sample using a web URL. Survey builder application that allows one to create customizable forms that could be shared among sample using a web URL.
Create custom surveys and polls. Start with our pre-written questions tweak them or craft your own. Choose from 7 survey question types from multiple choice to open-ended questions to sliding scales. Add your logo and colors to personalize. Easily share surveys online. Embed your survey in an email or post them to your Facebook page or website. Track your survey responses and results in real time. View results from respondents or track data trends from your social media or email survey. Email surveys. Get instant feedback from your contacts with easy-to-use online survey tools. You've got this. You've got us.
SoGoSurvey's feedback management platform seamlessly automates data collection and analysis for organizations of all sizes. From designing and distributing a questionnaire to analysis and closing the loop, the platform does everything with ease and at a level of sophistication that is rare in the industry. SoGoSurvey is differentiated by its best-in-class, 24/7 customer support, deep analytics, industry-leading data security, and its ability to scale with organizations' growing needs. A feedback management platform for organizations of all sizes that seamlessly automates data collection and analysis.
Ideal for businesses of all sizes, it is a form building tool that helps users create survey forms while also reviewing submissions. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, it is a form building tool that helps users create survey forms while also reviewing submissions.
Lay the right foundation for managing your stakeholder experiences. From customer insights to market segmentation to concept testing, Qualtrics CoreXM is the single solution for all of your experience data. Qualtrics CoreXM is the single solution for all of your experience data.
Zoho Survey is easy-to-use online survey and questionnaire building software. Our features are scalable to suit yourneeds, with everything essential to create surveys, distribute them, and analyze responses.Survey panels are also available, if you needdata from specific demographics. Informed decisions are just around the corner.Learn more about Zoho Survey at https://www.zoho.com/survey/. Online survey tool that lets you create unlimited surveys, distribute them and analyze the data with ease.
Send fully-customizable surveys and analyze data from customer responses in an all-in-one customer experience management platform. Help your business understand every step of the customer journey. Deliver great customer experiences at every touchpoint. Help your business understand every step of the customer journey. Get more love from more customers with BirdEye.
SurveyGizmo helps customers collect the best feedback from any source, simply and without hidden costs. We make it easy to integrate that feedback into our customers core business applications and connect feedback across the organization. With SurveyGizmo, you can provide insight and meet the high standards of information security, data governance, and cost management. This helps companies accelerate from feedback gathering to feedback analysis to feedback action. SurveyGizmo puts feedback in the hands of the people who can take action and integrates with the systems you use every day.
Lighthouse Studio features general-interviewing capabilities as well as full integration (design and analysis) for conjoint analysis, discrete choice, and MaxDiff exercises. Includes complex skip logic, quota control, and list building. Export to CSV, Excel and SPSS. Surveys can be fielding online using your own web server, locally on a computer or Android device, or via paper and pencil. General interviewing, conjoint analysis, and MaxDiff exercises for online, offline, or paper surveys.
Get answers fast with Nextiva Surveys, our custom online survey software. Collect the answers you need to understand your audience and make better decisions. Featuring nine question types, survey templates, email notifications, skip logic, and more, Nextiva Surveys provides all the tools needed to measure respondents. Plus, businesses can customize landing pages, thank you pages, colors, and everything in between! Seamlessly integrate with other Nextiva products for a full view of audiences. Get answers fast with Nextiva Surveys, a custom online survey software. Collect the answers you need to understand your audience.
Online service to create and host web forms, online surveys and polls. Registration, order, customer satisfaction forms made easy. Online service to create and host web forms, online surveys and polls. Registration, order, customer satisfaction forms made easy.
Fulcrum, a product of Spatial Networks, is a leading cloud-based mobile forms software and data collection app that enables organizations to build custom forms using a drag-and-drop builder. (No coding necessary!) Field workers collect geo-tagged data accurately and efficiently using their iOs or Android devices, with or without internet connectivity. More than 47,000+ organizations across 180+ countries use Fulcrum to streamline their workflows and optimize the way they leverage their data. Fulcrum enables users to build and deploy mobile surveys with iOS & Android devices.
Security-focused online form builder for easy and secure data collection and sharing. Create online forms and surveys from scratch or choose from a variety of editable free templates. Ready form fields to drag and drop in our intuitive interface, no coding! Payment, social, and 3rd party app integrations supported. Secure and free data storage and form hosting. Use our forms on your website, blog, or social media to collect feedback, contacts, leads, payments, credit cards and more. Free form builder with easy to set up web forms. Secure data collection, payment, and credit card authorization forms.
Enterprise survey software with users in 150 countries. Conduct insightful surveys and gain actionable feedback! Monitor customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX) and engagement. Close the loop with shareable reports, dashboards, alerts and follow-up tools. Integrate with Slack, Zendesk, API, CRM & more. Includes unlimited users and works in 47 languages. Clients include L'Oreal, Toyota, Citibank, Q8, Heineken, Sony, Manpower, ... Enterprise survey software. Conduct insightful surveys and gain actionable feedback! Close the loop with reports, dashboards & alerts.
Reputation.com delivers the category-leading Online Reputation Management platform for large, multi-location enterprises. We help companies monitor and improve online ratings and reviews, improve customer experience, and drive traffic, visits and revenue. Cloud reputation management system that allows enterprises to monitor or manage online ratings and respond to customer feedback.
Who likes to take a survey? No one. Feedier is a new innovative platform to collect valuable Feedback. Stay leader, turn feedback into growth leverage by making data-driven decisions to improve your services and products. 1. Create highly engaging forms in minutes with your teams. 2. Get more responses through customized messages in your best-performing channels. 3. Empower your data with crossed information from your applications and machine learning 4. Collaborate and take actions Feedier is a feedback management platform to collect valuable insights with your teams through highly-engaging and gamified forms.
Create and conduct your own smart and free online survey using an easy drag & drop interface. You can make surveys, forms & questionnaires using various types of fields and rules that can be employed to create an organized and exciting experience for your respondents. Choose from likert scales, single choice fields, dropdown lists, multiple choice fields, conditional survey rules. Create and conduct your own smart and free online survey using an easy drag & drop interface.
VAIRKKO offers a unique a-la-carte software eco-system offering both Learning Management and HR Products all from within a single platform. Purchase only those modules that you want, when you want them. Enjoy everything your organization needs from Tracking Training, Learning Management Systems(LMS), HRIS (Human Resources Information System), Performance Management, Onboarding, Applicant Tracking, Policy and Document Management and much more. VAIRKKO has what your business needs: Learning Management/Training Tracking to Complete HR Solutions.
QuestionPro provides powerful online survey software designed to help you make better business decisions. Our easy to use software includes tools for creation, distribution, and analysis of online surveys, polls, forms and quizzes. Use our advanced features to completely customize the survey experience and power sophisticated analysis. Best of all, our customer support team is available 24-hrs a day to guarantee your project is a success! Survey software for the creation, distribution, and analysis of surveys, polls, and forms.
Instabug provides customizable In-app surveys for mobile apps. Ask your users all types of questions by sending Net Promoter Score surveys or specific questions to know more about your users. Tailor questions to custom user segments for better feedback. See a visual representation of all answers in the Instabug dashboard for more informed decisions. Installation takes less than a minute. Customizable In-App Surveys for Mobile Apps, Survey your users with text field, multiple choice, NPS or star rating answers.
Survey Solutions combines user-friendly rapid questionnaire development and powerful management tools for complex CAPI/CAWI with little or no programming at 0 cost and no connectivity during interviews. Data can be reviewed instantly after synchronization. Built-in reports include progress, status, and maps. Cases can be reassigned, and interviewers can change language on the fly. Its a sustainable solution for large-scale surveys combining powerful management tools with ease of implementation. Combines user-friendly development and powerful survey management tools for complex surveys with little or no programming, at no cost.
With the SmartSurvey SaaS platform, users can capture, analyse and report virtually any type of data via a simple, yet stylish, online survey service. SmartSurvey allows users to directly reach the people whose opinions matter the most, clients, partners, patients, students and suppliers. SmartSurvey specialises in providing survey solutions for multinational business and enterprise clients, offering dedicated support and secure data storage on UK/EU based servers. SmartSurvey is an online survey solution that helps anyone create surveys, collect data and analyse results.
Poll Everywhere transforms one-way presentations into a lively conversation with the entire room. Using the smartphones and devices people carry every day, participants can submit live responses to your polls and activities. You can create and present multiple choice, Q&A, word clouds, rank order, trivia, and more with our web app, mobile presenter app, or through our slide-ware integrations: PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote. Cloud-based system that lets presenters engage with the audience and gain responses through the web or SMS while presenting.
QuickTapSurvey lets you capture in-person data that matters to your business. Build, customize, and launch your data collection campaigns in minutes with 100% data coverage guarantee (no internet required). Perfect for in-person lead capture, trade shows, intercept marketing, market research, and customer satisfaction. QuickTapSurvey makes it easy to ask smart questions anywhere (no internet required and a 100% data coverage guarantee).
Why aren't my visitors converting? As many as 99% of your visitors will never turn into customers, and Lucky Orange knows why. Installation is fast and takes just a few seconds no coding required. In addition, Lucky Orange is easy to use, ready to go out of the box, and every plan includes full access to all of our features, including Dynamic Heatmaps, User Recordings, Live Chat, Surveys & Polls, Conversion Funnels, Realtime Dashboard, and Daily Email Reports. See how visitors really use your site with Dynamic Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Form Analytics, Live Chat, Polls, and more!
Global Fortune 500 companies use QuickSurveys to transforms the consumer insights and market research landscape: consumer surveys can be designed and launched in minutes, advanced targeting capabilities using Toluna's global panel means data collection begins immediately, and advanced analysis capability through the built-in analytics platform takes place in real time. QuickSurveys provides time to insight 10x faster than traditional research methods. And end-to-end survey and consumer insights platform that is fully integrated with our global community of over 21 million consumers.
SurveyMethods is an easy-to-use, powerful survey tool at a fraction of the price of larger competitors. With our products, you get all of the advanced functionality at a fair price. That's why SurveyMethods is the tool of choice for many Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, and educational institutions as well as small businesses and individuals. Non-profits and academic institutions can apply for significant discounts. SurveyMethods is among the best value survey software, with most of the features of the large competitors at a fraction of the price.
Signpost is the complete and automated solution to collect customer feedback, get more and better reviews, win new customers, get referrals and increase repeat business. The automated marketing platform that will get you new customers, 5-star reviews and loyalty. Guaranteed.
Spend your time making meaningful product improvements, not re-organizing data. Centercode's robust survey creation tools let you quickly draft and disseminate a wide variety of surveys. With feedback flowing directly into the platform, you can skip email follow-ups and jump right into discovering trends in your data. Centercode's powerful survey capabilities enable you to collect the exact information you need, right when you need it.
With GetFeedback for Salesforce, you can automatically collect customer feedback at critical touchpoints in the customer journey. Pull more context into your surveys then push feedback into Salesforce so you can measure valuable customer metrics like NPS, CSAT, or CES and take intelligent action to improve your customer experience. GetFeedback customers see a 240% increase in response rates and 7x faster implementation than other cx survey platforms. GetFeedback is the #1-rated feedback solution for Salesforce. Seamlessly connect all of your CX surveys for actionable insight.
SurveyLab is a professional online survey tool that supports survey creation, automates response collection and report generation. System is a web application and no additional software expect web browser is needed to use it. Some of the service features include: advances logic & randomization, any language support & multi-language surveys, teamwork & survey results sharing, enhanced security (SSL/HTTPS), survey results export (Excel, SPSS, PowerPoint), branding & white label surveys, API. Professional online survey software. Surveys, questionnaires, forms and tests for Customer Experience, Market Research, HR and more!
For companies with 250 employees or more, Hyphen is a complete employee survey solution which lets you map the entire lifecycle of your people & capture feedback at all critical touch-points: Hiring, On-boarding, Continuous Engagement, Exit, Alumni & ad-hoc. Being mobile-first, you can survey your employees in their language and get deep insights into your people with A.I. powered analytics in real-time. Hyphen helps you enable your managers to become employee experience champions. Create remarkable employee experiences from interview to exit and beyond using the most extensive employee survey solution - Hyphen!
For the past 13 years, Energage has researched what separates Top Workplaces from the rest. Weve studied more than 17 million employee survey responses from well over 50,000 organizations. Weve figured out what great looks like, and we know how to win with culture. The Energage platform combines research, neuroscience principles, and expert guidance to help you unleash performance and realize the full potential of your workforce both at speed and scale. Cloud-based solution designed for businesses that helps manage employee recognition, organizational insights, brand value & more.
Key Survey is customizable from top to bottom, giving you total brand control, simple scalability, and diverse integration options. Create your ideal surveys with features like advanced logic and data models, then get insight into the data you collect with reports on a business intelligence dashboard. Request a demo now to see Key Survey in action! Enterprise level survey software for large organizations collecting feedback within their company and from their customers.
Brew Survey allows you to create customized mobile forms that are useful in conducting surveys, market research & also capture leads. You can design your surveys from the dashboard and publish it to your devices to get real-time insights. A perfect mobile survey & feedback solution that allows you to capture feedback from anywhere, even offline. Offline survey app that gathers customer feedback, conducts market research & captures leads with a customized mobile form.
Powerful survey software tool with 24 x 7 support & advice from survey experts. Perfect tool for businesses and consultants to uncover knowledge & ideas, make decisions & drive action. Create & deploy any type of survey. Engage employees and teams to uncover their suggestions & improve performance. Discover what customers say & recommend. Find out your Net promoter Score (NPS). Explore opinions & generate ideas. Conduct research on markets & potential customers. Powerful survey software tool for businesses and consultants to uncover knowledge & ideas, make decisions & drive action.
Formidable Forms is a WordPress form builder plugin that doubles as an application builder. Easily create polls and surveys with simple drag and drop forms. Use sliders, images as options, toggles, and customize the form style to match your site. Or start from a form template to create more advanced surveys like Net Promoter Score¿ (NPS). Create custom surveys and polls in WordPress. With Formidable Forms, you get powerful self-hosted surveys with customizable reports.
Quantum Workplace provides modern tools to elevate employee and business success by transforming employee voices into conversations, understanding, and positive action. Ramp up your employee listening strategy with their engagement product by delivering the right surveys to the right people at the right time. Their software has everything you need to collect, interpret, and act on employee voices with annual engagement surveys, automated lifecycle surveys, pulses, and cutting-edge intelligence. Elevate success by ramping up your listening strategy. Easily collect, understand, and take action on employee voices with Engagement.
Multi-lingual open source survey tool that offers unlimited number of surveys. Multi-lingual open source survey tool that offers unlimited number of surveys.
Engage your employees better with Winningtemp's AI-based, intuitive platform. View real-time employee happiness data & uncover deep insights to retain top talents, boost engagement, reduce stress & staff turnover. Powered by AI, Winningtemp provides agile performance management, churn prediction insights, job satisfaction data & much more. Our unique, science-based software has been developed with the help of human behaviour psychologists & AI experts for companies with 40+ employees. A research-based, intuitive survey machine that captures, analyses, and parses data to deliver development insights and opportunities.
Reward research participants with US and international e-gift cards and virtual Visa/MasterCard. Personalize the entire reward experience from email address to gifting pages. Automate rewards with our easy integration with SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, SurveyGizmo, Marketo & HubSpot. Or, simply import a growing list of recipients as often as needed. Get 100% refunds on unclaimed gifts. Manage multiple programs with a clear picture of gifts and expenses. Get started in minutes! Reward research participants with e-gift cards & virtual Visa/MasterCard. US & global choices. Works with SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics.
Delighted is the #1 rated online survey tool for gathering, analyzing, and acting on NPS and CSAT feedback. In minutes, you will have branded, multi-channel surveys that are optimized for high response rates. Set benchmarks, monitor scores, and integrate feedback into your existing toolset to close the loop immediately. Trusted by Uber, Cisco, Slack, Bonobos, Instacart, Target, and thousands of other brands to measure, understand, and improve customer satisfaction. Starting price at $0/Year Delighted is the easiest and fastest way to survey and act on customer, employee, partner and vendor experience insights.
GoSurvey is an offline survey app, which is easy to use and efficient as well. With GoSurvey, collect field data without worrying about internet connection, capture more leads at trade shows, create a better experience by collecting customer feedbacks and grow your business. Use it even for employee engagement and employee satisfaction. With powerful features and great customer support, we ensure your business gets growing. Sign Up for a Free Trial. Offline survey app designed for market research data collection, customer feedback, lead capture and much more.
Easily build professional online html forms and web surveys. Choose from over 100 pre-built web form templates that you can customize for registrations, reservations, secure orders, customer surveys and payment collection. Our Drag & Drop editor lets you easily design almost any type of web form or survey. Responsive forms are standard, making them look great on all devices. We host your form and securely store your results that you can email, analyze, share, and download at any time. Create customer online forms and surveys, quickly collect results, and analyze and share data.
FormAssembly is the #1 form solution for Salesforce built to help teams streamline complex processes and drive quality form conversions. With an unmatched Salesforce integration and gold ISV partner designation, ever-evolving features and use cases, a mobile app for iOS and Android, a HIPAA-Compliant Compliance Cloud plan, and drag-and-drop form-building functionality, FormAssembly is the ideal data collection solution for organizations in healthcare, higher ed, business and other fields. FormAssembly is an enterprise web form solution built to help teams streamline complex processes and drive quality form conversions.
Enalyzer was founded in 2000 and has ever since provided leading survey tools for collecting and reporting feedback within e.g. HR, Sales & Marketing. Our web app is used by thousands of user from all over the globe, interviewing millions of respondents. Enalyzer is also compliant with GDPR, providing a secure solution based on the ISO27001 standard and with supportive feature set to handle large enterprise needs. Pricing is based on freemium, providing Free and Paid plans. Enalyzer is a leading survey web app, providing a strong feature set wrapped in a stunning and 100% responsive user interface.
SurveyMonkey Audience is the fastest DIY market research solution. Built right into the SurveyMonkey platform, weve integrated with panels in over 100 countries to enable global consumer research anytime, anywhere, and for any budget. Target respondents by demographics, firmographics or custom screening questions, automatically launch projects on your schedule, and start seeing results in real-time. SurveyMonkey Audience is the fastest DIY market research solution.
Tool for creating surveys, forms and quizzes to study your customers or evaluate employees. Tool for creating surveys, forms and quizzes to study your customers or evaluate employees.
Medallias award-winning SaaS platform, the Medallia Experience Cloud, leads the market in the understanding and management of experience for customers, employees and citizens. Medallia captures experience signals created on daily journeys in person, digital and IoT interactions and applies proprietary AI technology to reveal personalized and predictive insights that can drive action with tremendous business results. Cloud-based customer experience management tool that helps businesses capture and analyze customers' feedback to improve brand value.
Video Surveys. Works like Survey Monkey but instead of answering questions in writing, people respond on smartphone video. Imagine a global focus group of customers testing your products, taking you shopping, and giving you in the moment feedback from their homes & offices. Verbate is also used for more engaging team feedback, and generating video content for marketing purposes. Video Surveys. Kind of like Survey Monkey but people respond on film rather than in writing.
Kazoo is the only all-in-one Employee Experience Platform that combines recognition, performance, and engagement in one powerful solution. By bringing together Real-time Recognition & Rewards, Continuous Performance Management, and Employee Engagement Surveys, Kazoos employee-first solution enables companies to build purpose-driven cultures while increasing productivity, retention, and revenue. Learn why Kazoo is the platform of choice for over 700 people-first companies like yours:KazooHR.com Kazoo is the only Employee Experience Platform that combines recognition, performance, and engagement in one powerful solution.
Snap Surveys offers professionals an integrated survey software platform for questionnaire design, administration, data collection, and advanced feedback analysis & reporting. Design questionnaires in any mode of survey research - online, mobile, kiosk, and scannable paper surveys - in any language. Our software is used across all industries including: healthcare, education, market research, human resources, travel, transportation, finance & government. Integrated survey software platform for survey design, administration, data collection, and feedback analysis & reporting.
ReachOut's powerful web backend and intuitive mobile apps empower businesses to manage their entire spectrum of field operations in one place. The superior customer support and intuitive interface help customers get started quickly, and the cloud-based technology ensures data security. Idaho Backflow saved 2 hours a day with ReachOut's digital forms; its reliable scheduling now offers end-to-end visibility into their technicians' schedules! ReachOut is fully integrated with Quickbooks and Xero. ReachOut is one of the most flexible and affordable service scheduling software in the market. Cloud-based solution. Mobile-optimized.
Modular software for working with telephone, online, in-person and printed questionnaires as well as panel management. The Survey System is the most complete software available for all types of survey research. Includes advanced logic and comprehensive reporting and analysis. The Survey System has been refined and expanded in response to client comments and requests since 1983. Modular software for working with telephone, online, in-person and printed questionnaires as well as panel management.
Surveypal delivers an experience management platform that empowers organizations to capture and analyze feedback insights from various sources such as mobile, web, social media, and customer support. You can integrate Surveypal into any CRM system, including Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and Salesforce. The combination of CRM and Surveypal's CEM solutions effectively improves the customer experience in every interaction with your current or potential customers. Surveypal is an online survey platform that empowers users to improve the customer experience and optimise the customer journey.
mQuest from cluetec is the solution for mobile surveying and digitalisation of data of all kinds. Independent of WiFi and mobile connections, future-proof, customisable and easy to integrate. mQuest® from cluetec is the solution for mobile surveying and digitalisation of data of all kinds.
A powerful yet very easy-to-use professional data collection tool that enables you to gather high quality data and populate sophisticated quotas all of which can be interpreted instantly. Whether your organisation focuses on interviewing via CATI, CAPI or WAPI/CAWI or a mixture of these methodologies, Dub InterViewer does the trick. Switching between collection modes during fieldwork is a breeze. No onsite installation required. Call centre in a box with our on-demand hosted Dialer as a service. Conduct face-2-face, telephone and internet research from one centralized platform with the most flexible data collection software.
Form Builder is a PHP library that allows you to build any type of form, from the simplest to the most complex. Whatever framework you use: Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Material Design, Materialize, Foundation, PHP Form Builder is able to generate all the HTML & CSS code for you. PHP Form Builder is a fully featured library built on a PHP class, giving you the ability to program any kind of form
RotatorSurvey is a low-cost-robust Windows desktop App which supports all data collection methods, including Paper (PAPI), Phone (CATI), Mobile devices (CAPI), Online Surveys (CAWI) and even Kiosks and paper surveys Data Entry. Rotator offers a fast, reliable, secure and friendly data collection process. In addition, you can unify and classify open text questions and ensure the quality of the survey processes. Rotator is used by hundreds of researchers and market research companies worldwide. Robust desktop Survey App for Windows supporting all data collection methods: Paper, Phone, Mobile devices, Kiosks and Online Surveys,
Create online surveys with ease using easyfeedback. More than 5000 satisfied customers already use our survey tool to improve their customer experience, increase employee satisfaction or optimise their products and services in terms of user experience. With easyfeedback there are no limits to surveys. easyfeedback is a survey solution for creating and managing online surveys that enables you to analyze results better.
A platform to create customizable and branded surveys that work on any device. - Easily embed YouTube videos, use hundreds of themes, upload your own marketing materials and choose between 17+ different types of questions. - Use our Distribution Hub to share your surveys and discover how to boost your survey response rate by to 34% or more. - Reduce the time analyzing results with our advanced Survey Analytics Engine, using 30+ data-visualization tools. Start for FREE, pay as you need. Create customizable surveys with embedded YouTube videos, images and dozens different types of questions that work on any device.
Omniconvert is designed to be the Swiss knife of any conversion rate optimization specialist. This is why we bundled together 3 of the most important CRO tools: online surveys, AB testing & web personalization, saving both time and money for our clients. Time because our clients only have to login in one dashboard and have just one learning curve instead of 3, and money because the 3 main tools that we provide are priced as one. Conversion rate optimization tool with web personalization, AB testing with an intuitive WYSIWYG editor, and triggered online surveys.
GuildQuality provides customer satisfaction surveying, web-based performance reporting, and marketing services for home builders, remodelers, contractors, and real estate professionals. More than 2000 of North America's best home professionals rely on GuildQuality to help them deliver an exceptional customer experience, and articulate the quality of their service to prospective customers. Customer satisfaction surveying software for quality-minded building professionals.
Fieldboom makes it easy to create beautiful online forms and surveys with high completion rates. Gather customer feedback. Capture leads. Create a contact form. Survey event attendees. And much, much more. Once you've captured responses, our Gmail-like interface makes it easy to sort, filter, star, label and comment on them so you stay organized and surface the most valuable data quickly. Create beautiful online forms and surveys in less than 5 minutes, then easily share, sort, filter, star and label responses.
Starred allows Talent Acquisition team to improve on their Candidate Experience. What's more, we equip them with the actionable insights they need to make better decisions. With leading lights like Spotify, VodafoneZiggo, Toast, Coca-Cola, Virgin Atlantic, Glovo, Elastic and Deloitte, the road ahead for better candidate experience feedback is looking good. Understanding your candidates can improve quality of hire, enforce your employer brand, decrease time to hire and many other benefits. Starred builds recruitment feedback software for Talent Acquisition teams that want to deliver the best possible candidate experience.
Customers feedback - ratings, thoughts and ideas via their cell phone (SMS, Voice and Web - NOT an app!) at the point of experience. Includes integrated analysis and alert management so the business knows how it is performing and can fix any issue, even talk to the customer - BEFORE that customer defects or worse, defects and complains on line. All issues are tracked until completion, so closing the feedback cycle and ensuring operational improvement. Customer experience solution for on the spot customer feedback via cell phone - that helps stop customer defection.
An easy online tool for discrete choice experimentation (conjoint analysis) to optimize pricing and product features. With Conjoint.ly, you can set up your experiment, customise the look of the survey, collect responses (including sourced from panel providers), and analyse the data: build simple reports, explore market segments, simulate market shares, export to Excel and PowerPoint, and more. Conjoint.ly is an all-encompassing tool from designing the experiment to packaging the results. An easy online tool for discrete choice experimentation (conjoint analysis) to optimize pricing and product features.
SurveyHero is an online survey tool that makes it so easy to create beautiful and mobile optimized online surveys. SurveyHero is an online survey tool that makes it so easy to create beautiful and mobile optimized online surveys.
CEOs & HR teams use Leapsome to create a continuous cycle of performance management and personalized learning that powers employee engagement and the success of their business. With Leapsome you can run engagement surveys, pulse surveys, and collect eNPS to gather meaningful feedback and insights from employees. With the powerful survey analytics you can understand the engagement drivers that impact performance levels and employee churn so you can develop and retain your team. Uncover the hidden drivers of engagement & measure the pulse of your company culture with Leapsome¿s employee engagement surveys.
Teamscope is the worlds easiest to use data collection app for clinical and field research. With Teamscope you can build powerful forms with branching logic, data validation and automatic calculations. Use mobile forms to collect data without the need for an internet connection. Create cases, share them with your team and capture data across time. Keep your data secure at all moments with a passcode and data encryption. Create powerful mobile forms, collect data offline and visualize it with a few clicks.
Helps companies survey their customers and utilize the feedback to give their marketing a boost. Helps companies survey their customers and utilize the feedback to give their marketing a boost.
PaperSurvey.io is a cloud-based paper form recognition software which enables businesses to create, print and upload paper-based questionnaires for automated data extraction. PaperSurvey.io uses OMR (optical mark recognition) to recognize answers from choice boxes and HTR (handwritten text recognition) to digitize handwritten text responses | GDPR compliant | Free trial Paper questionnaire recognition software. Create, print, scan and upload hand-filled paper forms for automated data recognition.
WordPress quiz plugin for creating viral and engaging personality and trivia quizzes and monetizing them via display ads. WordPress quiz plugin for creating viral and engaging personality and trivia quizzes and monetizing them via display ads.
StraticsNetworks offers Ringless Voicemail Drops, Bulk SMS IVR surveys & Polls, Call Center Software, and Voice Broadcasting software. Our services offer robust power and feature combined with an unbeatable price! We have now announced 100% unlimited messaging for one fixed monthly rate. We offer zero costs per minute or peruse on our products. The only IVR platform on Earth where you can run Surveys, Polls, send Ringless Voicemail Drops, SMS and deliver Voice Broadcasts.

Survey Software Buyers Guide

Survey software lets users design, conduct, schedule, and publish electronic surveys, polls, and questionnaires for different purposes such as conducting market research, measuring customer satisfaction, and collecting employee feedback.

Survey software can include a variety of user feedback formats such as radio buttons, check boxes, drop-down menus, and free-form text fields. It can also provide a number of data reporting tools including bar graphs, line graphs, net promoter scores (NPS), and cross-tab reports.

The benefits of survey software

  • Faster and more accurate analysis: Not only do manual surveys take time to conduct, but users need to manually log the results and run spreadsheet reports to analyse reports. The manual data entry process is also prone to errors. A survey management solution automates data entry, eliminating errors in capturing data.
  • Budget control for incentivised surveys: Surveyors can run out of budget sooner than they realise, especially for global surveys, where survey incentives vary based on region and the number of responses can skew to specific regions. Survey management software allows users to implement question logic to limit the number of responses. For example, a survey can include a question on the respondent's country and stop surveys as soon as a maximum number of responses is reached.

Typical features of survey software

  • Multiple question types: Create a variety of question and answer formats such as multiple choice, check box, and open answers.
  • Reporting/analytics: View real-time survey performance metrics (completion rate, bounce rate, and time spent on surveys), and survey results (question stats, NPS scores, and cross-tab reports).
  • Survey builder: Create and manage surveys using default templates and question types such as radio buttons, rating scales, and drop-down fields.
  • Customisable templates: Draft, save, and repurpose questionnaires and surveys.
  • Email marketing: Create and send email blasts and campaigns with the survey link in the email body, and track the performance of campaigns.
  • Question branching: Create participant-specific questions based on their answers to previous questions.

Considerations when purchasing survey software

  • Types of survey solutions: Depending on the purpose, survey software can be divided into one of three types:

    • Computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI): These survey tools help users manage phone-based surveys and telephone questionnaires. These tools assist users by providing questions and scripts, and allow users to record interviews for future reference.
    • Computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI): These solutions help users record and manage one-to-one personal interviews. Interfaces help both interviewers and interviewees navigate through surveys and capture survey information.
    • Computer-assisted web interviewing (CAWI): These tools enable users to manage online surveys, create custom survey pages, and share them with respondents through email, social media, and websites.

Buyers looking for survey software should assess their survey needs and choose the type of survey solution accordingly.

  • Total cost of ownership (TCO): Most survey management products are available in tiered pricing models, with the price dependent on the number of surveys and number of questions per survey. Buyers who don't calculate the TCO accurately may end up spending more money than needed. Buyers should assess their monthly and annual survey needs, calculate costs based on their demands, and shortlist products accordingly.
  • Adoption of chatbot-based surveys is on the rise: The adoption of chatbots is growing faster than ever, and this trend is also making its way into the survey software market. Chatbots make surveys more interactive by providing a conversational interface for presenting questions and capturing responses. These solutions also help users personalise conversations and provide respondents with additional information on the questions whenever needed, resulting in increased engagement and better response and completion rates.
  • Mobile-optimised surveys are the next big thing: Today's digital age can be characterised by the proliferation of mobile devices. Not only is smartphone usage at an all-time high, but the time a user spends on their phone is also increasing. For this reason, businesses need to optimise their surveys for mobile devices. A mobile-optimised survey solution not only provides smartphone users with easy access, but the mobile functionality also enables surveyors to validate respondents using GPS tracking functionality.