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Travel Agency software automates the front and back office activities of travel agencies, vacation packagers, destination marketers and transit companies.

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Travel Agency Software Buyers Guide

Travel agency software allows travel agencies and related businesses to automate sales, marketing, finance, and other operations to improve customer service and increase profits. It also helps travel agents manage promotions, discounts, blackout dates, stay restrictions, and payment policies.

The benefits of travel agency software

  • Improved customer service: Travel agency software helps agents push their products and services to customers via multiple channels such as online portals, email, and SMS. It offers customer-facing features such as booking confirmations, cancellation, and online payment gateways.
  • Better process management: Travel agency software automates business operations by reducing the need for manual data entry, centralising bookings, tracking inventory, generating reports, managing payments, and more.
  • Streamlined reporting: Dashboard and reporting tools allow users to gather information and gain insights into profits and sales and to generate custom reports to inform business decisions.

Typical features of travel agency software

  • Itinerary creation: Allows agents to create travel documents, plan routes, and organise other journey details.
  • Payment processing: Accept, capture, and reconcile financial transactions.
  • Reservations management: Create and manage customer transportation bookings and property reservations.
  • Pricing management: Set prices for tour packages and manage prices based on number of travellers, travel days, seasonal demand, etc.
  • Sales pipeline management: Track lead conversions and their status as they move along the sales pipeline.
  • Quotes/estimates: Create and send customised price quotes to customers.

Considerations when purchasing travel agency software

  • Extent of customisation: If you cater to a specific audience (e.g. business travellers, backpackers), select a travel agency software solution that's designed for your niche, or can be customised to meet your business needs. This way, you won't have to create fresh templates for your workflows or adjust the interface to fit your customers.
  • Mobile apps: Client engagement is the bedrock of the travel industry. Mobile apps are effective in managing engagement efforts and building relationships with new and existing customers. Agents can manage operations and address enquiries even outside regular business hours using these apps. Choose a solution that offers apps for various types of mobile devices.
  • Artificial intelligence improves the customer experience: To stay competitive and profitable, travel agencies need to constantly improve their customers' experiences. To this end, some have started adding new technologies to their workflows. For example, artificial intelligence is being used to process data related to customer engagement and travel itineraries, and to generate insights to help agencies tailor their customer recommendations.
  • Chatbots free up agents' time: Travel agency software chatbots are intelligent conversational interfaces that serve as the first touch point for customers to interact with agencies. Basic chatbots are used to capture customer contact details and pass on leads to travel advisors. More advanced chatbots can suggest travel plans to customers based on their stipulated requirements (such as budget, tentative travel dates, preferred destinations, etc).