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Car Dealer Software

Car Dealer software, or Auto Dealer software, automates business operations, customer relationship management, and accounting for used and new car dealerships. Dealer Management systems include inventory management features, which allow dealers to upload photos and details to online marketplaces. Basic accounting capabilities, finance, and buy-here-pay-here features allow dealers to track notes, sales, and credit reporting. Find the best car dealer software for your organisation in Australia.

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Car Dealer Software Buyers Guide

What is car dealer software?

Car dealer software, or auto dealer software, helps car dealers manage their business operations—from sales and customer relationships to inventory management and accounting. These systems allow businesses to build websites and set up eCommerce platforms to connect with an online audience.

What are the benefits of car dealer software?

  • Improved sales and marketing: Car dealer software offers social media management tools that help dealers with their marketing. These systems let dealers reach a broader audience to boost sales.
  • Manage multiple locations with ease: Car dealer software integrates information from multiple locations into a single platform. Users can access this information to track and monitor operations from anywhere.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Car dealer software lets dealers interact with customers through multiple channels, such as email, phone, text messaging, and social media. Dealers can send automated alerts to customers regarding offers or order status.

What are the features of car dealer software?

  • Inventory management: Track and manage stock volumes of different products to balance supply and procurement/overheard costs.
  • Sales floor management: Track and manage operations directly related to products and services sold to customers.
  • Reporting/analytics: Analyse data and generate operational reports—financial statements, sales history, forecasts, etc.—based on data fed into the system.
  • Account management: Handle accounting tasks such as fund management, balance sheets, and general ledgers.
  • Contact database: Create and maintain a database of customer details such as addresses and emails.
  • Financing: Arrange and manage financing options for customer purchases.

What should be considered when purchasing car dealer software?

  • Cloud-based versus on-premise: Buyers who have multiple locations to manage should give preference to cloud-based options. In addition to providing single-pane visibility and centralised control, cloud-based options are cost-effective when compared to buying separate licences for each location.
  • Integration capabilities: Though car dealer solutions typically include features such as inventory management and accounting, look for integration capabilities with tools you're already using (or any you plan on using in the future) in any software options you add to your shortlist.
  • Mobile app: The car dealer software that you buy should offer an iOS or Android app, as customers these days view deals on their smartphones before visiting a dealership. With the use of a mobile app, sales representatives can also access the software on the go, and managers can track incoming shipments in real time. They can also easily register leads, take customer feedback, view inventory, and update deal progress.
  • Chatbots for enhanced customer experience: Car dealers are implementing conversational user interfaces, which act as virtual assistants that help manage online customer enquiries. The bots can also serve as data collectors (by asking questions such as name, contact information, and visit purpose). The data collected by these bots can be used to analyse customer feedback trends, which dealers can monetise during future visits.