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monday.com, an intuitive Task Management software, helps teams collaborate better from anywhere to complete tasks in record time. Its ease of use and flexibility means fast on-boarding for your team with the ability to prioritize, allocate and track tasks your way. With powerful productivity features such as dashboards, calendar view, due date notifications and automations, your team can achieve much more in less time. Learn more about monday.com monday.com, an intuitive Task Management software, helps teams work better and more efficiently together to complete tasks in time. Learn more about monday.com
Asana is a task management tool that helps teams orchestrate their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. With Asana, you can connect all your work in one place and bring teams together, anywhere. From lists to boards, to calendars and gantt charts, organize work your way. Join more than 75,000 paying organizations and millions of teams across 190 countries who use Asana to get more done. Get started in minutes to try Asana. Learn more about Asana Asana is the easiest way to organize and manage all of your team's work. See why 8,000+ customers give Asana 4.5 out of 5 stars. Learn more about Asana
Jira is the task management tool for teams planning and building great products. Thousands of teams choose Jira to capture and organize issues, assign work, and follow team activity. At your desk or on the go with the new mobile interface, Jira helps your team get the job done. Learn more about Jira Jira is a fully-featured task management tool for teams planning and building great products. Learn more about Jira
ClickUp is one app to replace them all. It's the future of work - where anyone can work on anything. More than just task management - ClickUp offers docs, reminders, goals, calendars, scheduling, and even an inbox. Fully customizable, ClickUp works for every type of team, so all teams can use the same app to plan, organize, and collaborate. Learn more about ClickUp ClickUp is the future of work - it's one app to replace them all. ClickUp is the #1 fastest growing productivity app in 2020. Learn more about ClickUp
ProWorkflow is an industry-leading comprehensive project management tool for teams of 5 to 5000. 17 years of experience and trusted for over 3 million projects, we understand small details through to big data. Track Gantt chart tasks, Kanban boards, time, documents, communications, quotes and invoices. Our powerful API and customizable features let you easily tailor ProWorkflow. World-class customer support & free on-boarding makes the decision to join easy. Learn more about ProWorkflow ProWorkflow is an industry leading and much loved project, task and workflow management software. Learn more about ProWorkflow
You can use Dropbox as your online task management software for project management and team collaboration. With Dropbox Paper, you can manage to-do lists, share files, assign due dates, and track time ¿all in one single place. You can also find these project management tools in the new Dropbox desktop app. Learn more about Dropbox Paper With Dropbox Paper, you can manage to-do lists, share files, assign due dates, and track time ¿all in one single place. Learn more about Dropbox Paper
From major milestones to the tiniest tasks, Teamwork¿s task management software helps you to outline everything you need to do in order to hit your goals. Manage all your individual and team tasks in one central location ensuring nothing gets lost, work is prioritized and deadlines are met. Learn more about Teamwork Teamwork is an intuitive task management software that lets your team manage their work and keep track of all their tasks in one centra Learn more about Teamwork
Help your team prioritize its work in just a few minutes each day. Easily create a daily plan, share recently completed work, and flag important work or requests for help. Range¿s deep integrations allow you to stop jumping between tools and docs to keep work moving forward with less busywork. Learn more about Range Upgrade your team's productivity and efficiency with Range. Take a few minutes each day to make a plan so you feel more in control. Learn more about Range
Say goodbye to confusing spreadsheets and messy sticky notes. 12d Synergy helps 5000+ architectural, engineering and construction professionals work and collaborate better ¿ and with less emails. 12d Synergy gives your team an easily accessible common data environment and single source of truth. Gain complete visibility on project progress and keep a full audit trail with tasks, workflows, forums, notes and notifications. Learn how you can save hours with 12d Synergy. Learn more about 12d Synergy 12d Synergy helps 5000+ architectural, engineering and construction professionals work and collaborate better ¿ and with less emails. Learn more about 12d Synergy
Increase productivity with a seamless approach to task management. Let individuals focus on what they need to do while their task-level changes are automatically reflected in the overall project plan, sale, ticket, or retainer. Integrate directly with Google, Exchange/Outlook or Office 365, so any tasks you have listed in other platforms are automatically synchronized. With Accelo you can take charge of your time with a complete overview of your work. Learn more about Accelo Accelo provides a seamless approach to task management so that you and your team can focus on doing the work you love. Learn more about Accelo
Backlog is the all-in-one online project management tool for task management, version control, and bug tracking. Bringing together the organizational benefits of project management with the power and convenience of code management, Backlog enhances team collaboration across organizations large and small. Plan work, track progress, and release code updates right in Backlog. Core features include subtasking, custom statuses, kanban-style boards, Gantt charts, burndown charts, Git & SVN, and wikis. Learn more about Backlog Project & code management, together at last. Plan work, track progress, and release code right in Backlog for all-in-one collaboration. Learn more about Backlog
BugHerd is the worlds simplest visual feedback & bug tracker tool for websites. Just point and click, like using sticky-notes to pin client feedback on your site. BugHerd works in 3 easy steps: 1. Pin feedback to a webpage using the intuitive browser extension. 2. Contextual metadata is automatically added to all pinned feedback. 3. Tasks cards are instantly created from feedback, helping you manage your workflow. Get started in minutes, with a free 14 day trial today. Learn more about BugHerd BugHerd - Visual Feedback Tool. Like Sticky Notes On A Website. The world's simplest bug tracker, just point and click. Free Trial. Learn more about BugHerd
Retrieve all your team's tasks from spreadsheets, emails, daily to-do notes, & bring them to Wrike's real-time workspace. As all information and discussions are stored in one system, you spend less time looking for task details and more time actually working. Perfect for Marketing, Creative, Operations, IT, Project, and Product teams of 20+ people. Learn more about Wrike Bring your teamwork to a new level without spreadsheets, emails, and chasing status updates. Perfect for teams of 20+ people. Learn more about Wrike
MeisterTask is the most intuitive task management tool on the web. Its flexible project boards perfectly adapt to your team's workflow, whether you're a programmer working with sprints, a marketing team using the Kanban system, or an event manager looking for some simple but powerful task lists. Learn more about MeisterTask MeisterTask is the most intuitive task management and collaboration tool on the web. Learn more about MeisterTask
4MyRollout goes beyond project management. Its innovation management, delivering change across multi-unit organizations. Implementing enterprise-wide change requires agility, accountability, and reliability; achievable when using the right tools. 4MyRollout is a user-friendly application optimizing how change and innovation is enacted, tracked, and iterated upon. EHSolution designed this resource specifically for the hospitality industry to provide better control for better outcomes. Learn more about 4myRollout 4MyRollout is innovation management. Delivering, implementing, and tracking change for global enterprises with data-driven results. Learn more about 4myRollout
Office Timeline is a Gantt chart and timeline maker for PowerPoint that creates beautiful project visuals for important presentations. Improve task management and tracking with clear, elegant graphics that anyone can follow. Customize shapes, colors, dates and texts and show important details like task duration or percent complete to create impressive high-level summaries and reports. Learn more about Office Timeline Turn Project and Excel data into beautiful PowerPoint timelines slides with a few clicks. Learn more about Office Timeline
Intervals features customizable task management with fully integrated time tracking and powerful productivity reporting. Built for the unique needs of small teams. Includes everything you need to take projects and tasks from inception to completion. All plans include all features with project budgets, a work request queue, Gantt charts, invoicing, client management, a mobile app and more. Ideal for consultants, web developers, creative agencies, IT services firms, and communications companies. Learn more about Intervals Take control of your projects and find out where your time is going with customizable workflows and detailed, meaningful reports. Learn more about Intervals
EngageBay offers an easy and effective tool to assign and manage tasks between your marketing, sales and support teams. The task management software enables you to create and assign tasks for your team members, check if they have completed the tasks assigned for the day. Set priority levels and send email notifications for due tasks. Automate the task assignment process and avoid the pain of manual assignment. Monitor progress to ensure they are being worked on in a timely fashion. Learn more about EngageBay Manage your tasks using EngageBay's task management software and ensure your team never ever misses out on a follow up. Learn more about EngageBay
Smartsheet, an online work execution platform, empowers organizations to plan, track, automate, and report on work. Over 80,000 brands rely on Smartsheet for project and work management because of its easy-to-use interface, real-time Gantt charts and dashboards, and work automation features. *2018 Awards: Named a Leader in Enterprise Collaborative Work Management by Forrester Research, Selected to Deloittes Fast 500 List, Recognized for Technology Innovation & Vision by 451 Research Learn more about Smartsheet Smartsheet is an online work execution platform empowering organizations of all sizes to plan, manage, automate, and report on work. Learn more about Smartsheet
Process Street provides businesses with a streamlined, non-technical way to make managing recurring workflows fast, fun, and easy for teams everywhere. Strong company processes are the backbone of any successful business. Without them, a company will struggle and will almost certainly find it difficult to scale. Easily create and customize checklists with text, images, video, and more. Streamline the approval process with conditional logic, automations, and integrations. Learn more about Process Street Process Street is the easiest way to manage your teams workflows, recurring processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs) Learn more about Process Street
Looking for best free team task management software? Prepare to get impressed by Bitrix24. Yes, you get free unlimited teams and free unlimited tasks. Still not impressed? How about if we throw in free time tracking, subtasks, task templates and task roles. You want more? OK, Gantt charts, shared calendars, task delegation, task reports, supervisor view are all yours. Do you want super simple team task management? You got that. Are you a power user? Not a problem. 4 million teams use Bitrix24. Learn more about Bitrix24 Bitrix24 #1 free team task and project management solution used by over 4 million teams worldwide. Cloud, mobile, open source editions. Learn more about Bitrix24
"Agile CRM's software manages projects effectively with streamlined drag-and-drop project management tool, it¿s easy to manage tasks between your sales and marketing teams. The project management software encompasses different options to check and track the status of your projects. " Learn more about Agile CRM Agile CRM is a complete sales, marketing and service suite designed to let SMBs to sell and market like the Fortune 500. Learn more about Agile CRM
You can use tasks to organize your entire work in ActiveCollab. This way you'll focus on what's really important, set different priorities, generate a variety of reports, and enjoy a collaborative environment. You can also see all updates as they happen and enable steady progress on all your projects. Workload management, task dependencies & automatic rescheduling bring your project management skills to a whole new level. Learn more about ActiveCollab ActiveCollab is a software that gives you complete control over your work. Get a grip on your Real Work! Learn more about ActiveCollab
Avaza is a software suite for small businesses. It includes modules for project management & collaboration, resource scheduling, time tracking, expense management, quoting & invoicing. You can choose whether you view tasks in list view or as Kanban boards. Avaza also offers powerful reporting features. Drag and drop file attachments into tasks. Use Avaza in the cloud, and access it from any device whether its your desktop, tablet or mobile. Learn more about Avaza A software suite for small professional services organizations with modules for project management, timesheets, expenses & invoicing. Learn more about Avaza
For Mac & iOS. Daylite is a productivity-focused CRM for small businesses that want to keep track of communication, details and next steps for clients and projects in one place. No more forgetting to follow up or letting details slip through the cracks. Get all the features like Apple Mail integration, reminders, list management, email templates, lead tracking, project management, & more for one affordable price. Thousands of people use Daylite to win more business & get more done. Learn more about Daylite for Mac For macOS & iOS. Keep track of clients, deals, and projects all in one place. Improve organization and team productivity. Learn more about Daylite for Mac
Jolt is a tablet-based software used to manage daily operations for brands like Chick-fil-A, LEGOLAND, and Regal Cinemas. A global leader in task management, Jolt gives owners and managers a real-time view of checklists from their phone, and uses in-store tablets to ensure your brand standards are always met. Trusted by brands across the globe, Jolt has helped over 300,000 hourly workers complete over 700 million tasks. Learn more about Jolt Jolt is a tablet-based software used to manage daily operations and hourly workers, giving real-time feedback to owners and managers. Learn more about Jolt
Intuitive and easy-to-use task management for software teams that want to see the big picture. Clubhouse comes with everything you need to work on a modern software project, but isn't bloated with features you'll never use. See how realistic your deadlines are with progress tracking and predictive analytics. Available integrations reduce process overhead and automate repetitive tasks: GitHub, Slack, Zapier, Dropbox, Drive, Box, and more... Try it free today! Learn more about Clubhouse Intuitive and easy-to-use task management for software teams that want to see the big picture. Learn more about Clubhouse
productboard is the product management system that aligns everyone on the right features to build next. Designed on the Product Excellence methodology, it is used by modern, customer-driven organizations like Zendesk, UiPath, Avast, and Envoy. With its customizable boards, productboard offers the right balance of guidance and flexibility to help product teams understand what users really need, prioritize what to build next, and rally everyone around the roadmap. Learn more about productboard Task managers use productboard to align everyone on the right features to build next. Learn more about productboard
Easy-to-use visual task management tool. Plan tasks on a timeline to understand what your workflow will be like next week, month or year. Use board view to prioritize tasks during sprints without focusing on time estimations. Change of plans? The simple drag-and-drop interface makes flexible planning easy. Learn more about Toggl Plan Toggl Plan is an easy to use task management tool. Use boards to prioritize and timelines to understand what needs to be done and when. Learn more about Toggl Plan
Azendoo is a work tracking application that helps teams plan and share tasks, sync on projects and communicate more efficiently. Available as web, desktop and mobile applications, Azendoo enables companies of all sizes to increase productivity. Azendoo aligns your teams toward the same goals and track work more efficiently, in real-time. Now you can finally slow-down on emails, boring meeting and inefficient xls sheets. We make it ridiculously for teams to sync and save time. Learn more about Azendoo Azendoo takes collaboration to the next level and maximizes team work productivity with awesome integrations and top-notch features. Learn more about Azendoo
Upwave is a productivity platform for collaborating on projects, innovation processes, and daily tasks. Manage your teams, projects and tasks in a visual manner - all in one place. Work with predefined task boards and strategy canvases, like Business Model Canvas and SWOT. Track time, estimate and report progress. Easily and securely involve outside collaborators. The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to get everyone onboard - no extra training needed. Learn more about Upwave Upwave is a visual productivity platform that helps modern businesses thrive. Organize, plan, track, collaborate and get things done. Learn more about Upwave
Developed by JetBrains. YouTrack is a tool to manage your projects, configure agile boards, use reports and Gantt charts, dashboards and time tracking. Track tasks and issues, support customers requests, plan sprints and releases, create workflows, and never force your process to fit the limits of a tool again! YouTrack speaks your language, supports markdown and emoji-reactions. YouTrack is flexible enough to follow your exact process! Cloud or Standalone. Free for 10 users. Learn more about YouTrack The issue tracker designed for agile teams. An agile project management tool that can be customized to your business processes. Learn more about YouTrack
Profit.co is the best platform to rollout OKRs for your entire organization. Extremely easy to onboard and use, Profit comes with over 300 metrics and allows you to define your own custom metrics with ease. You can ensure complete alignment within your organization using Aligned OKRs that let you trickle down company level OKRs to every individual contributor. Your one on one meetings will be extremely effective, focused on outcomes and results instead of effort and output. Learn more about Profit Profit.co is the best platform for OKRs. The UX is designed to educate while executing your strategy. Learn more about Profit
Discover a web-based task management system that allows you to collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime. The QT9 QMS allows you to assign tasks to responsible parties with a To-Do List, email alerts and automated reminders. You can attach related files, create user-defined fields and see real-time reports. The QT9 QMS includes cloud-based document control, timelines with full traceability, a Customer Web Portal, Supplier Web Portal, Employee Training Portal and more. Great value. Start Trial. Learn more about QT9 Quality Management Task management software made easy. Automate tasks with a web-based solution that gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere. Learn more about QT9 Quality Management
TimeHero is a smart Work Management app that makes it easy to automatically plan the best time to work on daily tasks and projects. Add to-dos, events or entire projects and TimeHero will find the time in your calendar to complete them. As new tasks or meetings come up, TimeHero reorganizes your plan to meet your deadlines and notifies you if anything is going off track. It's that simple! Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, consultants or enterprise, start your FREE trial today. Learn more about TimeHero TimeHero is smart work manager that helps teams plan and manage daily tasks, recurring work, and team projects - automatically. Learn more about TimeHero
Most task & project management tools don't actually help your team save precious time. Plus, they force you into a workflow that doesn't suit your teams needs. Instead, Rindle adapts to *your* internal processes and workflows, empowering everyone to work the way they like while keeping all teams on the same page. Integrations with the tools you already use (Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, & more) streamline communication, while Automations and Mirrors ensure you work consistently and efficiently. Learn more about Rindle Task Automation Rindle is a process & workflow automation tool that saves your team precious time and money. Learn more about Rindle Task Automation
SpiraPlan is the Enterprise Agile Program Management tool that lets you synchronize your projects, programs, portfolios and resources to make sure the right people are doing the right work to meet your goals. With SpiraPlan, manage your tasks, requirements, issues, code and risks quickly and easily. SpiraPlan includes a robust task management system that lets users define tasks, categorize into types, organize by folder, assign to team members, and track the progress until completion. Learn more about SpiraPlan SpiraPlan is a turn-key Enterprise Agile Program Management system that helps plan, manage and track your programs, and resources. Learn more about SpiraPlan
Project Central is the most simple project management tool for teams using Microsoft Office 365. Project Central users require a Microsoft Office 365 account to signup keeping data safe and compliant with your organizations IT policies. Quickly set up your project, assign tasks and work seamlessly together on project documents with Office 365 integration. Follow the plan, do the right tasks at the right time and bring projects through to successful completion. Easy-to-use, no training required Learn more about Project Central Project Central is the most simple project management tool for teams using Microsoft Office 365. Simple, visual, integrated. Learn more about Project Central
Quixy is a cloud-based user-friendly digital transformation platform that empowers business users with no coding skills to build unlimited enterprise-grade applications, using simple drag and drop design, ten times faster compared to traditional approach consequently enhancing efficiency, transparency and productivity of business operations. Try it for FREE. Learn more about Quixy Quixy is a cloud-based platform that empowers users with no coding skills to build unlimited enterprise-grade applications. Learn more about Quixy
"Organize anything, together." Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process. All your projects, all your tasks, all of your team--organized, accounted for, and easily visible at a glance. New users instantly understand the list and card metaphor and can be working on Trello within minutes. Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on.
Group chat alone isn't enough. Basecamp combines *all* the tools teams need together in one place: message boards, schedules, to-do lists, group chat, documents & file storage, and more. Instead of stuff scattered all over, everything you're working on will be in one streamlined, organized place. Everyone will know what to do. Nothing will slip through the cracks. You'll always know exactly whats going on. Trusted by millions, Basecamp puts everything you need to get work done in one place.
Todoist is a simple yet powerful to-do list app that can help anyone get organized and achieve peace-of-mind, no matter where they are or what device they use. From planning large scale projects to simply remembering to pay the rent, Todoist helps get things out of your head and into your to-do list. Trusted by 10+ million people and praised as a life-changing app by The Guardian, USA Today, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Lifehacker and more. Todoist helps people get organized so that they can live a more enjoyable and peaceful life.
Airtable is the all-in-one collaboration platform that combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet interface with rich features like file attachments, kanban card stacks, calendars, and reporting. Airtable combines an intuitive spreadsheet interface with file attachments, kanban boards, calendars, and other powerful features.
Workfront is the first modern work management platform to orchestrate all work in one place. Process meets reality in project-based task lists that intelligently and automatically feed valuable metrics into executive reports and dashboards. In addition to task management and visibility, Workfront helps streamline requests, plan and prioritize projects, manage processes, and digitally review assets. Take task management to a new level of expert work management and strategic success. Tackle the tasklist and crush the chaos with the industry-leading cloud solution used by the biggest names in the business.
Samepage is award-winning online task management and collaboration software designed to keep your team's task lists in context with the rest of your project assets. Tasks show progress in real time on any device, can be assigned to any number of people, and come with recurrence, deadlines & reminders built in. Share tasks alongside files, videos, maps, team chats & more, or integrate Samepage with over 100 apps like Slack, Dropbox, Freshdesk, and Twitter to have them create tasks automatically. Collaboration software designed to help teams share files, collaborate on content, communicate faster, and get more done.
Consulting firms need more than just a timesheet. They need a system that unifies budgeting, project planning/execution, team communication, task management, resource management, invoicing and project financials. BigTime gives your entire team the tools they need to deliver billable work on time and on budget, giving our customers an average improvement of 25% in gross margins and a substantial increase in expansion and referral revenue. Contact our sales team to learn how. BigTime is the engine empowering the greatest consulting firms on the planet to budget, track & bill their most important asset: time.
Favro transforms any organization into an Agile business by empowering all kinds of teams to work autonomously, while also helping leaders aligning all work towards company key objectives. With Favro teams in marketing, product development, operations, and their leaders and executive management, get a single place for planning, documentation, and collaboration. Favro supports multiple views on planning with Kanban flows, spreadsheet-style, and work scheduled on a timeline. Favro brings business agility by empowering teams to work autonomously, while also aligning their planning towards company objectives.
Award-winning ProjectManager.com features powerful online project management, time-tracking and collaboration tools for managers and their teams. With real-time visibility, managers can ensure that their projects and their teams are always on track. Plus, team members love the ability to update their timesheets and tasks anytime, anywhere. Its easy to see why teams in over 100 countries, like NASA, Ralph Lauren, Volvo and Brookstone, rely on ProjectManager.com. Award-winning online project management software featuring project dashboards, gantt charts, kanban boards, and team collaboration.
Bring your project details and timelines together in a way that's easily searchable and easily shared. Even with multiple deadlines and numerous tasks, you can hit your project milestones with ease. Assign tasks, and set priorities and schedules for each task. Stay organized with functionality that gives you clarity into task and project timelines. Stay on top of the spectrum of projects from the small quick turn to the large campaigns with progress at a glance. Workamajig - The #1 Project Management Software for the creative industry. It's an all-in-one solution for agencies and in-house teams.
Citrix Podio is the new way to organize, communicate and get work done. More than 500,000 organizations use Podio to run projects and company departments. This includes everyone from small growing companies using Podio to run their entire businesses to innovative teams in enterprises. Podio speeds communication and provides the transparency and accountability needed for efficient teamwork, by enabling people to organize and track work in one easy-to-use place. Podio is the new way for teams to communicate, organize and get work done. Free for up to 10 users.
Simplify task management with Flock! Email less and get more work done. From instant messaging to creating channels to integrating with your favorite external apps like Google, MailChimp, Dropbox, Jira, Trello and more - organize all your work streams with Flock. Flock is a powerful work tool that comes loaded with built-in features like Shared To-Dos, Reminders, Notes, Polls and more! Start for FREE Flock is a team communication tool that helps you get work done, only faster! Instant messaging, shared to-do lists, reminders, file sh
More than just Client Portal Software, SuiteDash is a fully integrated cloud-based platform that will completely satisfy the software needs of most small to medium sized businesses. Unfortunately, many business owners have become incredibly frustrated with software because they've spent far too much time & money trying to learn multiple systems, and then get those multiple systems to work together. SuiteDash solves this problem by combining the most commonly used business tools into one. Fully branded : Client Portal, Project Management, Invoicing, File Sharing, CRM, IM, Messaging & more.
Everhour is one of the best time tracking tools for teams. Keep track of all your project budgets, schedule threshold alerts, use forward resource planning. Build any kind of reports and send professional-looking invoices. Everhour natively integrates with your project management app so you can track time on tasks right from its interface: Asana, Basecamp, Trello, Jira, GitHub and more. Time tracking software equipped with budgeting, forward resource planning, expenses tracking, visual dashboards and flexible reports.
Zoho Projects is the project management software from Zoho, a brand that enables 45 million users to work online. Businesses large and small, from every industry use the app to deliver great work on time. Plan your projects, assign tasks, communicate effectively, never miss an important update and view detailed reports on progress. Plan, track and collaborate using the preferred project management app of more than two million users.
Quick Base empowers businesses to quickly turn ideas into applications that make them more efficient, informed, and productive. By using Quick Base, anyone regardless of technical background can quickly create business apps they can use and share with others. Find out why Quick Base is trusted by 6,000 companies, including half of the Fortune 100. Quick Base is a true low-code platform for building, customizing and connecting highly scalable, secure cloud business applications.
Taskworld is the easiest way for teams to manage tasks and keep track of work. It packs visual task management, project planning and team messaging into one robust app. With a special focus on Task management, Taskworld also includes features like time tracking, automated notifications, dependencies, timeline views and integrations, so your team can achieve better and faster results for every project and get things done. Taskworld is a task management application that combines visual boards, team messaging and project planning into one easy app.
Admation is cloud based approval workflow management software for brands and ad agencies. Streamline your approval workflow with a project management tool that enables you to manage and track all of your reviews and approvals from one central hub. Key features include briefing templates, online proofing tools, batched feedback, tiered approvals, reminder notifications, resource management, project time tracking, reporting tools and digital asset management. Enabling marketing teams & ad agencies to effectively manage their creative approval workflow from project brief to approval & archive.
Glasscubes simplifies group collaboration in a user-friendly environment that's quick to implement. Quickly create secure online workspaces that make it easy to work with anyone, from anywhere. Find out how smart teams use online workspaces to work better together and get the job done. Trusted by UK government and high-performing businesses - big and small. Task management, file sharing and scheduling are all made simple from a single, central online workspace.
PRIORITY MATRIX is a powerful, intuitive, and easy to use software suite that helps MANAGERS become more effective at managing their priorities using proven time management methodologies. Priority Matrix provides a platform for TEAMS to prioritize tasks and projects to work more effectively, communicate team priorities, delegate work, track progress, and ultimately, provide more visibility and accountability. Priority Matrix helps managers and executives succeed through more effective priority management.
Notion is the all-in-one workspace for notes, project management, documents, and collaboration. Tens of thousands of teams and companies around the world use it to keep their employees informed and working together in one place. By bringing all work and knowledge together and making it highly customizable, Notion creates focus and transparency, while consolidating tools, saving time, and driving more productivity for teams of all sizes. Notion is the all-in-one workspace for notes, projects, documents, and collaboration.
Quip is a modern project management & task collaboration tool that combines documents, spreadsheets, checklists, and chat in one experience. Efficiently manage projects, finalize budget plans, share meeting notes, and stay connected every step of the way. Used by thousands of the most innovative companies in the world: Facebook, NewRelic, Quora, and Pinterest. Available on web, Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Get started with Quip for free. Quip is a modern project management & task collaboration tool that combines documents, spreadsheets, and checklists in one experience.
Ayoa is used by teams and individuals from around the globe, helping them to change their daily processes and to get things done. Our powerful application allows users to capture their thoughts, Mind Map their ideas, chat and collaborate with their team, plan and manage their workload, plus so much more. Ayoa is so much more than a task management tool. Ayoa is a whole new way of working together and achieving your goals. Discover Ayoa for instant team collaboration, communication, task management and idea generation.
FREE to use. Glip is a messaging and collaboration app that provides a single, unified team workspace. Using Glip, you and your team will work, communicate, and collaborate faster and more effectively than ever before. Emails, scattered discussions, and disjointed resources are drastically reduced as teams share conversations, files, tasks, and calendars. Your teams will be more productive using their favorite devices anytime, anyplace, all within the Glip team workspace. Collaboration platform built around chat functionality (video and text) with powerful searching capabilities for easy file discovery.
Your team is wasting 1/3 of their time on email. Glip, your collaboration software, enables them to get more than 30% of their time back. So no need for you to get those extra hires now! Emails, scattered discussions and disjointed resources are drastically reduced as teams share conversations, files, tasks, and calendars. Your teams can collaborate using their favorite devices anytime, anyplace--all within your team collaboration software. Your team is wasting 1/3 of their time on email. Glip, your collaboration software, enables your team to be more productive.
Major web update in 2020 | A service management CRM, renowned for service management, scheduling and sales. Delivers exceptional iOS + Android apps to businesses who need to manage field workflow within a customer or project context. Includes robust desktop platform and amazing Google, QuickBooks, Xero and online form integrations. Solve is also used to surface real-time equipment data onto customer records and dispatch workflow. Ask us how. Recognized for outstanding support by thousands. Major web update in 2020 | A service management CRM. Renowned for service management, scheduling, sales and exceptional mobile apps
Simple online timesheet and task management tools created by an ad agency for advertising agencies, graphic designers, PR, digital, marketing firms and in-house creative teams. FunctionFox is loved by small firms and Fortune 500 companies worldwide for being easy to use, the 5-star service and free expert advice. Easily handle multiple jobs, assign tasks, create to-do lists, and manage resources, including remote workers. Boost your productivity and profitability get your free demo today. Simple online timesheet and task management with expert advice, loved by creative professionals worldwide. Get your free demo today.
Hive is the project management tool behind rockstar teams at Uber, Google, Starbucks, Essence and more. Hive is dedicated to helping teams move faster and improving company-wide efficiency. With flexible project layouts, native email, resourcing, group messaging, and file sharing, Hive connects all aspects of your work. Powerful project management and collaboration platform.
Lightweight, agile task management tool that anyone can implement within their team or workflow. Lightweight, agile task management tool that anyone can implement within their team or workflow.
Repsly is the only retail execution solution to centralize brands' sales, observational, and in-store data, connecting store-level activities with their impact on sales. More than 1,000 teams in over 80 countries drive execution and sales in the field with Repsly. With features like order taking, contact management, territory management, advanced reporting, barcode scanning, and much more, Repsly helps your field team achieve peak performance and drive sales at retail. Repsly uses a unique data-driven approach, empowering CPG field teams to achieve peak performance and drive retail sales.
honeybeeBase Task Management System is the perfect remote management tool because it helps to keep projects from getting blogged down and streamlines team productivity all at an affordable price. Create categories, lists and tasks that can be planned, managed and assigned. Team members can be notified of their assignments and progress can be monitored through the extensive activity feed available right from the dashboard. Sign up for FREE today! and take it on a test drive. task management, time clock, time off tracking, employee scheduling, team communication and so much more!
Task management solution that helps businesses of all sizes schedule tasks, track progress and more. Task management solution that helps businesses of all sizes schedule tasks, track progress and more.
Zoho Sprints is a free online agile project management tool for Scrum teams. Add user stories to your backlog, estimate and prioritize work items, stay on track with personalized scrum boards and swimlanes, get actionable insights from velocity, burn up and burn down charts, collaborate with your team on a social feed, and schedule your review and retrospective meetings from one place. Zoho Sprints is an agile project management tool that helps Scrum teams to plan, track and always be ready for change.
Task management tool which provides structured content, checklists, calendar integration and more through multiple orientations. Task management tool which provides structured content, checklists, calendar integration and more through multiple orientations.
Quire is a collaborative project management tool that allows users to easily plan and organize tasks easily in a tree-like structure, where goals are achieved by breaking ideas down into doable tasks that are nested in a hierarchical list. Quire is a collaborative project management tool for organizing tasks and subtasks in a unique tree-like structure.
RationalPlan is a powerful project management software designed to help both teams and project managers to create consistent project plans, allocate resources and analyze workload, track work progress, estimate project costs and manage budgets. Assists project managers in developing plans, allocating resources, tracking progress, managing budgets and analyzing workload.
Flow is beautiful, flexible project and task management software for teams everywhere. Its the easiest way to manage projects, track tasks, balance workloads, and stay up to date with everything happening at work. Teams choose Flow when spreadsheets, whiteboards and sticky notes arent enough, but task management apps like Todoist and Trello are too lean, and project management tools like Wrike, JIRA and Asana are overkill. Flow is the worlds best all-in-one tool for remote teams.
Nifty automates project updates with dynamic task management. Create custom task-lists to fit your team's workflow, or import a task-board into Nifty to pick up where you left off. Define, assign, and track milestone-connected tasks while keeping task files and feedback all in one place. With the best of communication, cloud storage, and workflow collaboration in one tool, you can consolidate your workday as well as your subscriptions into one browser tab. Nifty automates project updates and resource insights with dynamic task management. A workspace with dynamic tasks, team chat, & more.
Make your to-do list work for you. Automate tasks with workflows, communicate with your team within each task, and never forget a deadline with built-in notifications and reminders. You can even prioritize and filter tasks so your boss' requests come before the party planning committee's. Think about it. Build it. Kintone's visual application builder lets you create your own task management apps, zero coding required.
Orangescrum ensures comprehensive Project management & Collaboration across the organization including robust task, time and resource management. Enhanced templates allow for agile and waterfall project management along with bug tracking, content & event planning, procurement and recruitment processes. Basically covering all functions of your business. Associated transparency and visibility to multiple projects helps high performing teams to accomplish more with helpful features. Get Everyone on the Same Page. Orangescrum provides an elegant way to manage your projects, team and tasks at one place.
Agantty is everything that most project management tools are not. Sexy, simple and effective. All those things were important to us and we missed them in most of the solutions we found out there. As we are usually a web agency, we were always looking for a really nice project management tool, which is low in cost to get some structure in our chaotic daily nerd business. We were looking for such a solution for so long, that we thought why not just built it and share it with the world? Free, easy and clear project management for an unlimited amount of projects, tasks and teams.
Task Management for modern teams. Redbooth is a task and project management platform that provides a single place for team collaboration tasks, discussions and file sharing. Redbooth is simple and flexible to use, enabling project teams and departments at thousands of companies to get work done. Free up to 10 users with 2 Workspaces and 2 GB of storage. See pricing for more details. Simple task and project management software. Redbooth makes it easy for you and your team to plan and track your work.
Taiga is an easy and intuitive yet powerful project management tool for multi-functional agile teams. It has a rich and complete feature set (including backlog, sprint planning, burn down chart, Kanban board, Epics, issue tracking, wiki) and extensive customization options. At the same time it is very simple to start with through the intuitive user interface. Taiga is the project management tool for multi-functional agile teams. It has a rich feature set but is still very simple to start with
Vendasta is a rebrandable, end-to-end platform for companies who sell digital solutions to SMBs. Publishers, agencies, broadcasters, financial institutions, telcos, and other SMB-serving businesses are able to streamline their go-to market process, sell more products to more clients, and unlock recurring monthly revenue. The platform supports dozens of digital marketing and business productivity tools with marketing automation, a robust CRM, and a client-facing portal - all under a single login. A white-label platform for companies who provide digital solutions to SMBs.
Geekbot is a personal assistant for your team operations in Slack that facilitates asynchronous team collaboration.It offloads all the managerial overhead by making your teams more autonomous and aligned. With Geekbot you can organize day to day issues and automate recurring tasks, run asynchronous daily standup meetings and retrospectives, post updates to your slack channels at a time and pace that suits your needs, produce smart analytics about team topics, activities or blockers. Geekbot runs asynchronous standup meetings in Slack! Experience non intrusive meetings that bring transparency to your team.
Whether your process fits into HR, Operations, Sales or if it's custom to your specific business need and niche we'll work with you. Whether your process fits into HR, Operations, Sales or if it's custom to your specific business need and niche we'll work for you.
StoriesOnBoard is a tool where you can break down your ambitious goals into tangible pieces. Then you can create a roadmap for reaching your goals by identifying the tasks that move toward them the most. By creating a story map youll be able to see the big picture any time, thus instead of losing in tiny details you can focus on your goals for reaching them in a timely fashion. You can share you story maps with your remote team members so youll be able to work with them online. StoriesOnBoard is a tool where you can break down your ambitious goals into tangible pieces.
Zenput is how top operators elevate team execution in every store. Restaurant, retail, and other multi-unit operators such as Chipotle, Domino's, and 7-Eleven use the platform to automate how operating procedures and key initiatives are rolled-out and enforced. Supporting 40,000 locations in over 35 countries, Zenput makes every field and store employee more productive and better equipped to do their jobs well. Restaurant, retail, and other multi-unit operators use Zenput to elevate team execution in every store.
A lean project management software that provides work visualization, real-time team collaboration, time tracking, and analytics. A lean project management software that provides work visualization, real-time team collaboration, time tracking, and analytics.
Task management app for iOS with light and dark modes that can display, or "focus on", a selected sets of tasks at any given time. Task management app for iOS with light and dark modes that can display, or "focus on", a selected sets of tasks at any given time.
Coda blends the flexibility of a document, the power of a spreadsheet, and the utility of applications into a single new canvas, enabling anyone to make a doc as powerful as an app. Coda is something entirely new, that looks and feels familiar. Makers start with a blank canvas and a familiar blinking cursor, but can use a new set of building blocks like tables that act like databases, or buttons that take action to create their own unique solutions. Coda is a new document that brings words, data, and teams together.
Ideal for individuals and businesses of all sizes, the scheduling application helps manage tasks, deadlines, emails, files and more. Ideal for individuals and businesses of all sizes, the scheduling application helps manage tasks, deadlines, emails, files and more.
All-in-one business operating platform that contains all essential tools for project, task, finance and customer management. Flowlu provides you with a profound overview of everything that is going on in your company. Our tools let you know what your employees are doing and what problems they are facing. You can track every part of your business, from time spent by your team and their workload to overall costs, and customer invoices. All-in-one business operating platform that contains all essential tools for project, task, finance and customer management.
TaskOnBot is a Project and Task Management Bot within Slack. No need to leave your conversation to manage your team work. Tasks can be created inside the Slack Channel when the conversation is going on. You can create and assign tasks to your team members within the project channel. TaskOnBot is complete Task Management app for Slack. Its developed so you don't need to switch external task management tool.
bob¿s workflows help map out clear processes, remind people about upcoming projects and track real-time progress. No more bottlenecks; no more confusion. Our manager¿s toolkit does all the organising and remembering, so you don¿t have to sweat the small stuff. bob is the perfect solution for companies above 80 employees. bob¿s workflows help map out clear processes, remind people about upcoming projects and track real-time progress.
Restaurant Systems Pro will easily provide a multiple ROI. There is a risk free 90 day money back guarantee. Comprehensive restaurant software for independent restaurant owners providing systems for the whole restaurant. Connects to many POS systems. RSP system provides more support than a franchisee will get from their franchiser. A spreadsheet can work but this is finally something you can delegate. RSP has multiple systems all connected and in one place. Unlimited users for your whole team. A done for you franchise level system for new franchises and independent restaurant owners. Finally delegation with accountability!
The simplest issue tracking and task management software for teams from 2 to 200. Track tasks within your company or for your external clients and/or customers. DoneDone is loved by software teams, marketing teams, professional service firms, hiring managers, and customer support teams. Track bugs. Track tasks. Track projects. Track job applicants. Track client activities. Track tech support requests. Track customer service inquiries. Manage projects and customers all in one place! The simplest issue tracking and task management software for teams from 2 to 200. Manage projects and customers all in one place!
Add your tasks, create or share your lists, and assign tasks to others with this web-based to-do app for busy people. Add your tasks, create or share your lists, and assign tasks to others with this web-based to-do app for busy people.
Checkvist is a web tool for creating online outlines, hierarchical task lists, collecting and structuring all kinds of information. It has an outstanding keyboard support so you can easily re-structure your lists, filter, hoist and beef them up with tags, due dates with reminders, links, or attachments. Collaboration, Markdown, code highlighting, import and export (OPML, text) make Checkvist an ideal hub for working on complex projects. A web tool for creating online outlines, hierarchical task lists with reminders, collecting, and structuring all kinds of information.
MeazureUp's digital checklist app lightens the burden of task management via paper checklists, messy log books and field audits by digitizing all of your custom checklists. MeazureUp is used by top operators and training teams in multi-unit restaurants, convenience stores and retail brands around the world, including Spur Restaurant Group, MOD Pizza, and Golden Chick. Supporting over thousands of locations, MeazureUp makes checklists simple, which helps make your employees do their jobs well. MeazureUp helps multi-unit businesses with task management and accountability through their digital checklist app.
Track leads and opportunities, manage projects, tasks, track time and keep track of every projects financial position. ROLL has fast and efficient process. Your team and contractors willl spend more time delivering projects. For managers and business owners, ROLL also forecasts future revenue giving you visibility and control. ROLL is a faster, better way of working. Customers include creative businesses, consultancies, digital agencies, civil engineers and other services based businesses. Super fast end to end workflow management software for services businesses including creative industries and consultancies.

Task Management Software Buyers Guide

Task management is an essential component of project management that helps businesses segment a project into associated and sequential tasks. Each task is planned, distributed, scheduled, and monitored individually. Task management software helps teams work cohesively using features such as task scheduling, progress reporting, and time tracking. It helps users keep track of the time spent on each task, and helps stakeholders meet their project deadlines. Additional functions of the task management system include budget planning, email sync, to-do lists, and task reminders.

The benefits of task management software

Task management software helps businesses streamline their project lifecycle, minimise the possibilities of sudden roadblocks, and facilitate cross-team communication and collaboration, all of which save businesses time and money.

Specific benefits include:

  • Increased productivity: A task management tool lets project managers segment projects into tasks and sub-tasks. Each task can be assigned to a specific individual or team and has a unique set of goals, KPIs, and milestones. Each team member is assigned specific duties and responsibilities.
  • Optimised workflow management: A task management tool lets businesses analyse an entire project life to identify bottlenecks and time-consuming activities that need special attention. This helps managers prioritise and schedule tasks, as well as efficiently design the overall project strategy for smooth execution.

Typical features of task management software

  • Alerts/notifications: Track key milestones and notify stakeholders of new assignments, updates, errors, and accomplishments.
  • Task editing/updating: Edit and update a task based on project need or resource availability.
  • Task progress tracking: Track task progress throughout its lifecycle and monitor key performance indicators.
  • Task scheduling: Schedule and assign tasks to individuals or teams. This includes setting a start date and deadline when creating a task.
  • Task tagging: Create tags and labels for tasks and sub-tasks to organise and categorise them, add context, and collect task-related information.
  • Create sub-tasks: Split tasks into smaller, actionable sub-tasks to execute and manage tasks at a micro level.
  • Recurring task management: Create tasks and events that are repeated at a specific time and day during a week, month, or year. This prevents businesses from rescheduling redundant work.
  • Time tracking: Track collective time spent by all stakeholders on their assigned tasks.

Considerations when purchasing task management software

  • Business needs: Task management software generally offers a variety of subscription options, from basic to advanced plans. Subscription costs increase as you add features. Businesses should evaluate their key feature requirements, compare pricing plans for multiple products, and choose a product that meets both their requirements and budget.
  • Market-specific software: If your business serves a niche market such as healthcare, marketing, logistics, or construction, consider a task management system specifically designed for your dedicated market(s). These solutions help you manage and report tasks according to specific legal requirements and compliance at no additional cost.
  • AI and chatbots are the next big thing: With artificial intelligence (AI) integrated into the core solution, small businesses can now automate most of their redundant workflows. Chatbots can automate crucial task management system workflows that include automatic task assignments, content promotion, status report building, and more.
  • Mobility: Although mobility in task management systems has existed for quite some time, it remains a key trend. With increasing globalisation and mobilisation of resources, users are looking for mobile-ready task management software that lets them keep track of their assigned tasks, check schedules, monitor progress, and follow up on communication from anywhere.