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For over 20 years, Acendre has been helping many of the worlds largest and most important organisations meet their unique challenges and requirements of attracting, developing, and retaining top talent. Recognising every customer is different, our solutions allow organisations to maintain their existing workflows and processes, while providing advanced automation, intelligence and analytical reporting capabilities. Learn more about Acendre Recruitment E-recruitment solution with assessment tools, dashboard reporting, and onboarding for public sector and other regulated industries. Learn more about Acendre Recruitment
Recruitee is a modern Talent Acquisition Platform, designed for recruiters and hiring managers alike. With Recruitee you can use data to continuously optimize every aspect of your recruitment process. From reducing hiring costs to tweaking your workflow to perfection, Recruitee helps you acquire the very best talent. Recruitee's award-winning software is used by high-growth companies such as Lacoste, VICE, Dunkin' Donuts, Hotjar, Engie and Karl Lagerfeld. Learn more about Recruitee Modern recruitment software for streamlining, automating and optimizing your recruitment process. Learn more about Recruitee
Glint is the people success platform that leverages real-time people data to help global organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve results. Leading brands like United, Intuit, and Sky leverage Glints unique combination of intuitive design, sophisticated analytics, and actionable intelligence to help employees be happier and more successful at work. Learn more about Glint Glint people success platform helps global organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve results. Learn more about Glint
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Uptrader is a unique digitalization of the PrOACT decision framework, made for professionals who perform talent acquisition. After your business weeds out job candidates based on initial screenings, your recruiters may still face a tough & complex decision about who to hire, with nothing to guide their decision making accept their intuition about a candidate. Uptrader resolves this problem by guiding recruiters through a proven process to hire the right person. Learn more about Uptrader Uptrader is a unique digitalization of the PrOACT decision framework, made for professionals who perform talent acquisition. Learn more about Uptrader
#1 HR Software choice for Lufthansa, Leica, Acronis, Sega, Lockheed Martin, Warner Bros. Lanteria HR is focused on providing Human Capital management solutions for mid-sized businesses, which allows creating a collaborative environment where employees & managers can cooperate. Lanteria HR manages all HR tasks in a company with 5 solutions: Core HR, Time & Attendance, Recruiting, Performance and Learning. You can use any of those modules separately or get the entire Lanteria HR system. Learn more about Lanteria HR Lanteria is all-in-one HR management system, which perfectly integrates with Office 365 and SharePoint. Learn more about Lanteria HR
Win the war for talent. Recruit, retain, develop, reward and empower people to excel. Enable your organization to reach its goals. BizMerlinHR is simple, configurable, comprehensive, meaningful and engaging. Automate your HR processes and save time and headspace to focus on what really matters: your people and their growth. Learn more about BizMerlinHR Hire, onboard, manage and retain your team members with ease. Feel the HR Bliss with BizMerlinHR. Learn more about BizMerlinHR
Develop sustainable employee retention plans and reduce the need for additional recruitment with Ascender's Talent Management Solution. Next level organisations can identify future leaders from within. By looking inwards and fostering a culture of high performance and development, your workforce is able to reach its full potential. Retention becomes easier too. Learn more about Ascender Payroll and HCM Develop sustainable employee retention plans and reduce the need for additional recruitment with Ascender's Talent Management Solution. Learn more about Ascender Payroll and HCM
Culture Amp is the leading People & Culture platform that helps nearly 3000 companies across the globe take action to improve employee engagement, retention, and performance. Culture Amps quick to deploy platform provides continuous listening, feedback, and development tools throughout the employee lifecycle to quickly deliver the insights needed to confidently make decisions and effectively prioritize resources to maximize individual & organizational performance. Learn more about Culture Amp Culture Amp is a People & Culture Platform helping companies take action to improve employee engagement, retention, and performance. Learn more about Culture Amp
eFront is a flexible LMS platform for enterprises that need advanced security measures and extensive customization to train masses of employees, partners, and customers. Designed to be the industry's most adaptable enterprise LMS, eFront gives you complete control over your virtual training environment and your data. It blends seamlessly with any other infrastructure and has the power to grow as you grow. Learn more about eFront Train your employees, partners and customers with eFront, the powerful learning management system that shapes to fit your needs. Learn more about eFront
Founded in 2002, ELMO (ASX:ELO) is Australia & New Zealand's only integrated cloud HR, payroll, and rostering / time & attendance solution, offering ONE vendor, ONE dashboard, ONE user-experience. We are the fastest growing HR tech company in the region. We provide innovative cloud HR and payroll technology to more than 1400 organisations across APAC. ELMO's suite of HR and payroll solutions can be used together, or stand-alone and are configurable to your organisation's processes and workflows. Learn more about ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll Cloud payroll, HR core, recruitment, onboarding, learning, performance, succession, remuneration, rostering, surveys, rewards & more. Learn more about ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll
Need help finding top talent? Fetcher's full-service, recruiting automation platform brings qualified, interested candidates directly to your inbox - fast! Our AI-powered platform learns your company's candidate preferences and then identifies top talent just for you. The platform even automates email outreach campaigns to secure interested candidate interviews for you and your team. The result? 83% of employers who use Fetcher get the candidate they want to hire within the first 100 candidates. Learn more about Fetcher Fetcher's full-service, recruiting automation platform brings qualified, interested candidates directly to your inbox - fast! Learn more about Fetcher
Hiring doesn't have to be messy. Breezy is the user-friendly talent management and recruiting software that helps find and deliver perfect-fit candidates straight to your doorstep. With tools like talent search, beautifully-branded career pages and custom candidate scorecards, Breezy helps you screen for all the things you want in your next hire. Win back your time and focus on building a genuine connection with your future rockstars. Learn more about Breezy HR Breezy is the fun-to-use hiring software that turns your messy hiring hacks into a pain-free process candidates love. Try it for free! Learn more about Breezy HR
Trakstar's Talent Management software helps HR & your organization post jobs, hire candidates, and manage performance. You can build customized hiring workflows, customized appraisal forms, set SMART goals, and track performance to meet the needs of your organization. The easy to use interface and 24/7 access will give your employees the tools they need to hire better and get their jobs done well. Learn more about Trakstar Talent Management Online applicant tracking and performance appraisal system that leads the industry in ease of use, manageability and affordability. Learn more about Trakstar Talent Management
It's a tough job market! Hire the best people, fast with Recruiterbox. Provide a top-notch applicant experience with Recruiterbox & give your company an edge from the start. Recruiterbox's Applicant Tracking System will help you attract the most qualified job seekers, organize the hiring flow & efficiently collaborate on candidate selection so you can build your company. Scalable, easy to adopt and powerful tools for your company! Learn more about Recruiterbox Recruiterbox is a recruitment software that simplifies the hiring process. Post job openings, manage candidates, and much more. Learn more about Recruiterbox
The 360° Feedback specialist: Our customers love our employee friendly reports, easy-to-customize questionnaire, and awesome customer support. You can try us out with your first assessment free! Learn more about Spidergap The 360° Feedback specialist: Our customers love our friendly reports, customizable questionnaire and support. Try for free! Learn more about Spidergap
Comprehensive Cloud talent management platform proven to improve employee engagement, with performance appraisal, 360 multirater feedback, 1 on1 Feedback, Social Intranet, LMS lite, Goal Management (OKR), with built-in gamification and advanced analytics. Advanced features include, social collaboration, rewards and recognition, employee survey tool, employee directory, idea generation, challenges and much more. Learn more about Engagedly Cloud talent management platform with performance management, 360 feedback, LMS lite and social praise. Built for engagement! Learn more about Engagedly
Peakon automatically collects employee feedback, analyses it, and then delivers you the insights you need to improve your business ¿ in real-time. Understand your employees¿ experience across the entire lifecycle from onboarding to exit, and find out how to optimise employee engagement, drive productivity and reduce attrition using data-driven insight. Our platform is translated into 50+ languages, can deal with complex structures, and is able to handle tens of thousands of employees. Learn more about Peakon Peakon is a real-time employee feedback platform that gives you the insights to improve engagement, retention and optimise performance. Learn more about Peakon
Upgrade to the premier talent management software. Your team knows what ideal talent management looks like, but probably struggles to make it happen. Create the perfect cadence of welcomes, reminders, and check-ins for each stage of the contractor lifecycle with Sense's journey builder. Then leave the how to us. Stop wasting team efforts on overwhelming manual follow up and refocus them where they'll have an impact: connecting with talent and growing the business. Learn more about Sense Make happy talent your competitive advantage. Personalize, automate, and optimize each step of the candidate journey. Learn more about Sense
Freshteam is an intuitive, easy-to-use, affordable HR software by Freshworks that helps you recruit, onboard & manage employee information while also covering your time off management & offboarding workflows. It enables you to attract top talent through multiple channels such as a career site, job boards, social media channels, emails etc., interview & hire superstars, onboard them. HR can also create an employee directory, make organizational charts & handle employee time off. Learn more about Freshteam Freshteam is an easy-to-use HR software that helps you hire & onboard top talent & manage employee data, documents & time off. Learn more about Freshteam
Mettl Online Assessment Platform is one stop solution to streamline your recruitment process. It is a highly customize-able platform where you can measure candidates skill, personality and analytical ability in a highly secured environment. Learn more about Mercer Mettl Online Assessment Platform Mettl Online Assessment Platform helps you find the perfect hire leveraging scientific assessment using structured online interviews. Learn more about Mercer Mettl Online Assessment Platform
Appreiz redefines employee engagement ,talent and performance management using social recognition. The App interface delivers a simple powerful platform for co-workers, managers and partners to provide instantaneous recognition and feed forward for demonstrated competency, value or skill . The Dashboard provides powerful people insights for managers . Integrated with Slack and Microsoft Teams with Intelligent bots. Performance made easy with CheckIns ,Mentoring and intelligent training.. Learn more about Appreiz Engage employees. Maximize Performance. Appreiz is a complete employee engagement solution integrated with performance management . Learn more about Appreiz
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Skills Base helps your organization easily survey and inventory employee skills and qualifications, and them complies that information into intuitive dashboards and reports that better inform organizational decision making and planning, and to quickly respond to opportunities and needs. Skills Base is a low risk, rapid deployment solution that is guaranteed to provide results and enhance the capability of your organization. Learn more about Skills Base Skills Base is a talent management tool that provides organizations the ability to document and track employees skills. Learn more about Skills Base
Rated the #1 hiring site by employers in the U.S.,* ZipRecruiter makes talent management easy by helping you match your open positions to the candidates that have the right skills and experience. The all-in-one dashboard lets you track, manage, and rate job applicants, as well as connect with candidates. *Based on Trustpilot rating of hiring sites with over 1,000 reviews. ZipRecruiter makes talent management easy by matching your jobs with candidates who have the right skills and experience.
UltiPro®¿s recruiting solution offers a unique, candidate-centric design that helps you engage candidates with simple technology that they want to use. As a result, you can begin cultivating successful, long-term relationships with your employees from the very start. UltiPro¿s recruiting solution enables you to focus on getting to know potential employees during the recruiting process, so you can find the right people to grow your business. UltiPro® Recruiting can help you expand your recruiting processes by supporting candidate engagement.
The current job market is 90 percent candidate-driven. Providing the best candidate experience possible is one of the best employer branding strategies a company can have and should be the priority for any recruiter. With Zoho Recruit's robust candidate tracking software, qualifying and ranking candidates is a breeze. Building and maintaining a healthy relationship with candidates and clients lets recruiters match relevant talent to a particular job opening easier and faster. Reduce time-to-fill with effective talent management techniques and hire applicants using powerful automation tools.
Kronos Workforce Ready is a human capital management suite of tools on a single unified cloud platform that helps you manage the entire employee lifecycle from pre-hire to retire. Solutions for HR, recruiting, onboarding, time tracking, payroll, and more are easily accessed through a single intuitive interface. Automated and scalable tools provide a single source of truth with common reporting, dashboards, and robust workflows. Included self-service and mobile app allow easy, anytime access. Kronos Workforce Ready is a full HCM suite of automated and scalable tools that integrates HR, payroll, time and attendance, and more.
iCIMS platform is designed to meet employers evolving needs with three product suites that can be used together for a seamless experience or integrated with other applicant tracking and HR systems for flexibility. The iCIMS Talent Acquisition Platform is complemented by an ecosystem of nearly 300 integrated partner solutions. More than 4,000 clients worldwide, including about 20% of the Fortune 100, rely on iCIMS technology to power their recruitment efforts. iCIMS enables employers to manage their end-to-end talent hiring lifecycle in one unified talent acquisition platform.
Workday HCM is a single, cloud based solution for workforce planning, analysis and execution. Out solution is used by more Fortune 500 and G2k companies to operate with agility and efficiency enabling, organizations to be ready for whatever comes next. Unlike rigid HR system or point solutions, only Workday delivers the skills-based HCM foundation and continuously innovates to enable customer success as the impact of technology, alternative work arrangements, and employee expectations evolve. Workday HCM is a single, cloud based solution for workforce planning, analysis and execution.
With Paycom's all-in-one software, you can boost employee satisfaction and control salary budgets by linking performance with compensation. Cloud-based convenience streamlines the review process among employees, managers and HR. Pay increases automatically update to payroll. You also can see analytics on head count, turnover, overtime and more. With Paycom's all-in-one software, you can boost employee satisfaction by linking performance with compensation.
CEIPAL is a fully scalable talent management system designed to find & place more hires using less time & resources. Automatic job requisition & posting makes it quick and AI-assisted candidate selection makes it easy. Once you've found your next hire, conduct interviews through integrated programs, seamlessly begin the digital on-boarding process, & generate comprehensive reports on placement & performance. Get a talent management system designed to find & place more hires using less time & fewer resources. ATS to CRM, CEIPAL delivers!
JazzHR is a powerful, user-friendly and affordable ATS & recruiting software that enables today's greatest people to build tomorrow's greatest companies. JazzHR replaces antiquated hiring processes like email and spreadsheets with an intuitive ATS that helps recruiters & hiring managers build a scalable & effective recruiting process that consistently results in great hires. JazzHR is on a mission to make recruiting and hiring easy, effective, and scalable no matter what growth looks like at your company.
Workable is the worlds leading hiring platform. We provide in-house recruiters and hiring teams with more ways to find more qualified candidates, and help them work together to identify and hire the best. We get from requisition to offer letter faster, with automated and AI-powered tools that source and suggest candidates, simplify decision making and streamline the hiring process. Workable was founded in 2012, and has since helped more than 20,000 companies hire one million candidates. Workable is the worlds leading hiring platform. We help companies find, evaluate and hire better candidates, faster.
Web-based payroll and HCM solution assist in reducing administrative tasks and maintains accurate time and attendance data for individual employees all in one place. In addition, new hires are automatically added to the system, streamlining the processes even further. The platform can be accessed 24*7 from any given location using the mobile application. Web-based payroll and HCM solution that helps small to large enterprises manage and track employees' compensation, benefits and more.
We've tailored the SuccessFactors HR software bundle specifically for the talent management needs of businesses or divisions with fewer than 500 employees. With SuccessFactors HCM, you can automate your people processes, improve visibility and efficiency, and transform your business turning strategy into execution every day. Since the software deploys in the cloud, its easy to set up and offers built-in best practices to manage the entire employee lifecycle. Improve employee performance and align activities for business growth with a talent management solution deployed on the cloud.
Oracle Taleo Enterprise gets your core talent management processes up and running fast and puts you in a position to grow your solutions as your talent management needs evolve. You also get a competitive edge with our guided implementation methodology and toolkit that deliver the packaged best practices content and expertise you need to be successful. Fast, easy, affordable talent management solutions that enable workforce quality improving and leadership pipeline building.
Organimi has all of the features you need to easily create and share org charts across your business. *Integrate with your HRMS or CRM software *Bulk photo upload *Print on one or multiple pages on all known paper sizes. Break up a single chart by department, level, or top role *Export to PDF, PNG, CSV, or Powerpoint *Share your chart with a private email invitation, public URL or embedding *Add custom fields *Format your chart with extensive colour & customization options Organimi is the market leading cloud-based tool used to create organizational charts for your business or organization.
School management system that speeds up the processes of students' registration, skill check, analysis, compliance and payment. School management system that speeds up the processes of students' registration, skill check, analysis, compliance and payment.
For organizations with 500+ employees. With the power of Cornerstone's Unified Talent Management software, organizations can bring all phases of the employee life cycle under one platform. Improve your talent acquisition process with Cornerstone Recruiting. Cornerstone Learning allows you to engage employees and improve performance with development opportunities. With Cornerstone Performance, performance management is unified with learning, compensation and succession in one system. Unify your entire organization with Cornerstone's Talent Management Software. Built to help you recruit, manage and develop your people
Performance reviews are an essential tool for developing employees, building better teams, and growing your business. If not done correctly, the process can be inconsistent, ineffective, and time-consuming¿leaving you with a lot of data, but little insight. Improve your employee evaluation process with NetPerform, Netchex¿s simple, yet comprehensive talent management solution. Conduct employee reviews. Assign and track review tasks company-wide.Gain insight into performance and growth with comprehensive data.
Saba Cloud is a talent management solution that gives your people and teams the ability to drive their own experience. Saba's hyper-connected talent environment is designed to make learning and development, recognition, coaching and feedback a part of your people's every day experience, so they can deliver their best. Saba Cloud is the ideal platform for organizations with 750+ employees that want to transform their talent programs to create more value for their people and business. Talent management software that gives you a new way to develop your people and teams.
Cornerstone's talent management solutions help companies attract candidates that are strong culture and skills fits, enables them to develop their careers through learning and training opportunities, and even blend organizational succession initiatives with compensation management to ensure a maximum ROI on employee investment. Through a unified talent management system, Cornerstone helps companies and agencies in all fields make smarter, more data-driven workforce decisions. Cornerstone's talent management tools enable companies to take a smarter approach to workforce planning and the employee lifecycle.
For businesses that are rapidly, seasonally, or just plain constantly hiring, WorkBright takes the cumbersome and traditionally paper-heavy process of onboarding and puts it all online. We make it possible for new employees to fill out their W4s, upload photos of licenses and certifications, sign digitally, and complete any and all paperwork from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone before they show up for their first day on the job. New employees can fill out W4s, upload photos of licenses and certifications, sign digitally, and complete all paperwork digitally!
IBM Watson Talent provides a portfolio of human resources solutions designed to help businesses acquire, train, and develop talent. Whether you are looking for a single or a broader end-to-end workforce solution, IBM Watson Talent offers solutions for your specific needs, including employee assessments, talent frameworks, talent acquisition, career coaching, & more. IBM Watson Talent provides a portfolio of human resources solutions designed to help businesses acquire, train, and develop talent.
Ideal for companies with 200-750 employees, Saba TalentSpace is a hyper-connected talent development platform that gives people and teams the ability to drive their own experience, while keeping them aligned to the performance goals of your business. TalentSpace makes learning and development, recognition, coaching and feedback a part of your people's every day experience, so they can deliver their best. A complete award-winning, cloud-based suite that automates, simplifies and seamlessly integrates all your talent management processes.
Hiretual taps into the open web and the customer's internal systems to create the largest single sourcing base of qualified candidates. We leverage AI to match best-fit candidates with the requirements of the roles and use Machine Learning to continuously fine-tune each search to the preferences of the user. Our customers have 5X more qualified candidates in their pipelines, spend 80% less time sourcing than their peers, achieve 42% more hires per recruiter, and a 23% reduction in time to hire. Hiretual helps recruiters and sourcers build a robust pipeline of quality talent to help them achieve their hiring objectives.
Monster's Talent Management Suite (TMS) delivers a single powerful solution for identifying, managing, on-boarding and advancing your workforce. By integrating multiple functions and streamlining critical processes, TMS empowers HR professionals to improve key metrics such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, quality-of-hire and time-to-productivity. Whatever HR challenges your organization faces, Monster's Talent Management Suite offers you the solution that responds to your unique needs. A single, centralized talent management solution for identifying, tracking and onboarding the best candidates possible.
Bridge employee development software is built for businesses who care about their people. It gives employers the tools to manage and develop their talent, employees to managers, from onboarding to exit. Our integrated technology helps organizations increase engagement by making learning & training a part of employees¿ and managers¿ day-to-day workflows, with learning, performance, mentoring & coaching, and analytics tools. And it seamlessly integrates with your HRIS, HCMS, and other systems. Bridge gives employers the tools to manage and develop their talent and employees, from onboarding to exit, employees to managers.
TalentReef is a leading provider of SaaS-based recruitment marketing and talent management solutions that are purposefully built for the decentralized hourly workforce. Our mobile-first platform streamlines the recruit to retain process to transform how employers find, hire, train, and engage hourly workers. Many of the best known global brands trust TalentReef to provide the actionable insights needed to optimize and drive their talent management processes. TalentReef streamlines how fast-paced operators find, hire, train, and manage their most valuable asset--talent.
eloomi is an innovative Talent Management platform that gives you all you need for Talent Development. Build personal development plans, provide ongoing feedback and lead your employees towards becoming a top performer. Allow skills to flourish with eloomi by choosing from hundreds of available modules or build your own. Build personal development plans, provide ongoing feedback and lead your employees towards becoming a top performer!
ATS OnDemand is a "pay as you grow" applicant tracking system. Small, medium, & large HR teams enjoy a full-suite recruitment platform customized to their needs. Seamless integrations with third-party vendors and built-in functionality enhances workflow and keeps costs competitive. Pay for what you need! Serving the HR industry for 15 years!
MightyRecruiter is a cutting edge, intuitive recruiting solution that helps you recruit better. Post to job boards, source passive candidates, manage applicants and hire the most relevant candidates to your jobs at no cost to you. Provides hiring leaders and recruiters with a powerful, one-stop candidate sourcing solution with unlimited job slots, at no cost.
Qualtrics EmployeeXM (EX) creates a snapshot across the entire employee lifecycle, automatically prioritizing key drivers of engagement and experience so you can build strong teams, drive productivity, and reduce unwanted attrition.You gain the power and flexibility to tailor your engagement program to meet your needs, whether that includes a regular employee census survey or ad-hoc pulse surveys. In addition to world-class technology, we offer consulting and a 24/7 live support team. Qualtrics EmployeeXM is the best engagement platform to build strong teams, drive productivity, and reduce unwanted attrition.
Increase your recruiting efficiency and save time with Hello Talent. Source, attract, and engage talent proactively with our Candidate Relationship Management and Recruiting tool. With Hello Talent you can add candidates from any website in just one click, keep in touch with them, and collaborate with your team as you manage your talent pools. Easy set up, no training needed, just start hiring! Create your free account at www.hellotalent.com The modern recruiting & CRM tool that helps you recruit easily and efficiently, nurture candidates, and hire top talent with your team
WorkCompass's award winning performance management software helps organizations move towards a continuous performance management system. Our solution includes goal management, performance reviews, real-time feedback, surveys and performance coaching guides in an easy to use interface that HR and employees love. Ongoing performance check ins that staff love.
Ascentis Talent management software empowers your number one resource - your employees. Performance management, compensation planning, succession planning, learning management, 360 degree assessment and more. Start Anywhere. Add Anytime. Learn more about the Ascentis industry-leading a-la carte full suite human capital management (HCM) technology platform supported by our ongoing commitment to delivering an unsurpassed client experience. Ascentis Talent management software gives you the tools to empower your number one resource - your employees.
Today, organizations rely on many sources of talent beyond their full-time employees ¿ including contingent workers, consultants, freelancers, and others. With SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management, you can automate the entire process of procuring and managing flexible labor, from requisition all the way through invoice and payment. Our platform supports any program model including those managed in-house, through one or more Managed Service Providers (MSPs), on- or off-site. With SAP Fieldglass External Talent Management, you can automate the entire process of procuring and managing flexible labor.
Our talent management package includes data-driven surveys and performance evaluations. These tools help create a deep understanding of employees¿ attitudes, encourage more constructive feedback and facilitate better decision-making. A positive working culture is the end result. bob is the perfect solution for companies above 80 employees. Bobs unique engagement platform helps you attract, retain, and manage employees throughout their entire lifecycle.
MentorcliQ allows you to use your own talent to develop your future talent. Companies like Deloitte, Honda, and JP Morgan Chase rely on MentorcliQ to power their talent development strategy through mentoring. The Association of Talent Development (ATD) and Brandon Hall have awarded MentorcliQ with Excellence in Practice and Best Technology in mentoring. TechCrunch and Chief Learning Officer magazine featured MentorcliQ as the future. Why wait to start developing your employees better with us? Cloud-based, Award-winning mentoring software that inspires employee engagement and delivers measurable business results.
Leading global provider of cloud-based Human Capital management software tools. Our innovative solutions help organizations nurture their people talent from hire-to-retire. We provide leading-edge talent development, engagement, succession planning and operations management solutions in one intuitive and simple integrated portal. We add value to our clients by enabling a culture of coaching and mentoring that stimulates employee engagement. Goals & Alignment, Continuous Performance Management, Succession Planning, Insights & Analytics, and more, all in one place
Scout Talent is a provider of cloud-based technology solutions for internal recruitment teams. Our flagship system, Scout Talent:Recruit, is a tailored, easy to use candidate management system that accelerates your talent acquisition processes, from approval and advertising to shortlisting and selection. Scout Talent is renowned for providing exceptional customer support, as reflected by a 96% client renewal rate. Our specialists are committed to helping you see people first. Scout Talent:Recruit, is a tailored, easy to use candidate management system that accelerates your talent acquisition processes.
Travitor has the best Video Learning Platform we have ever seen! Simplify learning at work. Create, Assign, and make sure everyone is on task. 250+ Courses included. When you need to onboard new employees or customers, create learning plans, make live training more productive, make sure everyone is on task, and more. Anyone can easily create courses by adding video, slide, document, quiz, homework and SCORM lessons. Trusted by thousands of teams. Start your free trial. Travitor has the best Video Platform we have ever seen! Create, Assign, and make sure everyone is on task. 250+ courses included.
HireVue is transforming the way companies discover and hire the best talent with its AI-driven Hiring Intelligence platform. Combining predictive, validated industrial/organizational science with artificial intelligence allows recruiting professionals to augment human decision-making in the hiring process, delivering higher quality talent, faster. HireVue's Hiring Intelligence Platform delivers the best talent, faster, with video interviews and AI-driven assessments.
Collage is the easiest-to-use, all-in-one HR and benefits solution for small and medium businesses. The online platform lets employers manage recruiting and applicant tracking, employee records, time off requests and approvals, payroll sync, performance management, HR reporting, and benefits administration. Centralize all of your HR tasks and documentation to save time, save money, and reduce risk. Collage is ideal for small and medium businesses (fewer than 200 employees) that are looking to simplify HR and benefits management.
Quantum Workplace provides modern tools to elevate employee and business success by transforming employee voices into conversations, understanding, and positive action. Their product consists of 3 core elements: 1) Engagement to ramp up your employee listening strategy with effective surveys, 2) Performance to help you define, track, measure, and drive success with simple and sophisticated tools, and 3) Intelligence to help you uncover what matters most to your employees and leaders. Engagement. Performance. Intelligence. Quantum Workplace provides modern tools to help you elevate employee and business success.
Delteks Talent Management Suite is a cloud-based solution that helps project-based companies and others manage the entire employee lifecycle. From finding and acquiring the right talent to performance management to learning and career development to compensation planning to analytics, our unified solution helps improve the quality of hire, increase employee engagement & retention, maintain compliance, streamline the onboarding process and more. Deltek Talent Management helps businesses manage the entire employee lifecycle by attracting, developing and retaining top talent.
Improve healthcare workforce learning with the HealthStream Learning Center (HLC). Over 4,000 organizations across the continuum of care use the HLC as their talent development and training platform. The HLC is a modern, collaborative learning environment that will fit the needs of any size healthcare organization. Tailored to the individual needs of each student, HealthStream Learning creates unique learning experiences through interactive video and content, enhanced course authoring, and more. From powerful automation and valuable reporting to a library of over 20,000 courses.
Jobtoolz is a recruitment platform for SMEs, with a strong focus on employer branding, an awesome candidate experience, an automated recruitment process and a marketplace that supports recruiters in every step of the hiring process. All-in-one recruitment platform built for recruiters, by recruiters.
PiiQ by Cornerstone is easy-to-use performance and learning solution for small and medium businesses. Our talent management software will help you attract, retain, develop, & engage your employees to deliver ROI for your business. Easily schedule goal setting periods & performance reviews with the ability to conduct off-cycle reviews. 360 feedback, collaborative goal setting, analytics with built-in coaching, and tie performance to training with over 1,000 course offerings. Try PiiQ for free. 360 feedback, collaborative goal setting, analytics, built-in coaching, and performance tied to training with 1,000+ course offerings.
Fountain is a cloud-based human resource (HR) management solution that helps businesses automate and manage recruitment operations for high volume hiring for hourly workers. Fountain offers enterprise-level talent acquisition software (ATS) features like sourcing, candidate screening, automatic reminders, executive dashboards, custom workflows and onboarding. It enables candidates to fill in personal information, submit background checks, access training videos and sign agreement documents. Fountain is a hiring automation platform built for speed and scale. We process millions of applicants each year.
Blue powers your organization's talent surveying process by providing insights that will help you continuously improve the journey of your employees. It becomes the backbone of the employee experience as Blue covers a multitude of feedback processes, including 360 reviews, surveys, complex evaluations, and more, meaning you only have to deal with one vendor. Blue is the marquee solution for any hire-to-retire process. Power your organization's hire-to-retire process with Blue, a robust and fully automated employee experience management software.
The Workforce OS by Harri is a total-talent solution for global hospitality organizations. With over 30 modules, businesses can streamline the process of building and managing teams with powerful tools to source, hire, on-board, schedule, develop, track time & attendance, and access powerful analytics. With 400,000 job seekers and 9,000 employers, the Workforce OS is a best in class platform for restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality organizations to solve their labor related challenges. The best way for hospitality businesses to build and manage their teams from one platform.
Specially designed for companies of 10.000+ employees. Avature is a highly flexible enterprise SaaS platform for Global Talent Acquisition and Talent Management, bringing commercial internet technology and innovation to recruiting and performance challenges. Avature offers a Performance Management solution that enables large enterprises to accelerate performance and retain top talent.
Oorwin, a San Francisco-based SaaS platform, offers a fully-integrated ATS, CRM and HRMS platform to deliver efficiency and growth for staffing and consulting firms. Disrupting traditional practices in hiring, sales, and customer experience with its ease of use and simplicity, our unique platform integrates and streamlines processes across multiple teams and geographies. Oorwin currently serves hundreds of businesses across the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and India. ONE platform for staffing and consulting firms to manage sales, recruitment and human resources
Engage your employees better with Winningtemp's AI-based, intuitive platform. View real-time employee happiness data & uncover deep insights to retain top talents, boost engagement, reduce stress & staff turnover. Powered by AI, Winningtemp provides agile performance management, churn prediction insights, job satisfaction data & much more. Our unique, science-based software has been developed with the help of human behaviour psychologists & AI experts for companies with 40+ employees. Simplify performance management with performance reviews, goal setting, check-ins, talent recognition, and a robust feedback system.
Employee experience at the heart of your HR strategy : we help managers and HR directors increase the performance of companies by replacing annual surveys with steady commitment surveys. Attract and retain talents : implement a feedback culture by collectively fostering the conditions of successful employee experience. Employee experience motivate in a meaningful and healthy relationship. Drive performance with data, simply : define, follow and compare concrete and actionable key indicators. Bloomin helps HR teams and managers measure employee experience in real-time to improve performance and take insightful action.
HireHive is hiring made easy. Our simple recruitment software solution allows companies of all sizes to manage their entire recruitment process from start to finish, in one place. You can create job postings and post them to job boards, social media and even your careers page. You can manage candidates through your customised candidate pipeline and decide who you will hire/reject. All candidate information is available and easy to search for using our tool. Cloud based solution for recruiting. Post jobs to job boards and social media with one click and manage all candidates in one place.
A simple, yet powerful platform that delivers instant hiring intelligence PLUS the ability to discover and maximize talent across your organization. Hiring and employee development solutions that are simple, smart and human.
PayScale offers precise, on-demand compensation data and software that gives organizations the ability to create, track and analyze their compensation strategy. PayScales compensation platform helps employers attract and retain the best talent for key positions across their organization. A sound compensation strategy allows businesses to pay fairly and competitively while remaining focused on the bottom line. PayScale compensation management platform helps organizations determine how much to pay their employees
GrapevineEvaluations.com is a cloud based 360 degree feedback software tool that makes it easy to perform a 360 degree evaluation or any kind of employee evaluation all using our easy to use tool. You can pull from our question library, add your own or do combination of both. Easily upload employees being evaluated and raters, then launch. Grapevine collects all the data and then provides you access to the report engine to customize and output the results. A cloud based 360 degree feedback software tool to customize a 360 degree evaluation or any kind of employee evaluations easily.
Our automated AI based head hunting technology finds you the best talent before your competitors do. The web-based platform is easy to use, facilitating collaboration with hiring managers to get the best quality hire fast. Automated workflows dramatically reduce administration time with ranking tools and automatic sorting using the latest technology. Enhance your candidate experience & easily manage your recruitment with collaborative tools. Delegate decision making to suit the way you recruit QJumpers is an AI based talent search, sourcing and recruitment management platform built on the latest technology.
NEOGOV provides a high quality and easy-to-use talent management system to service the public sector market. Serving over 6,000 organizations, the company's system supports the entire employee lifecycle, automating recruitment, onboarding, training, and performance management. Customers say NEOGOV helps them save time and money, reduce paper processes, improve regulatory requirement compliance, increase employee productivity and engagement, and provide better services to citizens. NEOGOV provides a high quality and easy-to-use talent management system to service the public sector market.
Kazoo is the only all-in-one Employee Experience Platform that combines recognition, performance, and engagement in one powerful solution. By bringing together Real-time Recognition & Rewards, Continuous Performance Management, and Employee Engagement Surveys, Kazoos employee-first solution enables companies to build purpose-driven cultures while increasing productivity, retention, and revenue. Learn why Kazoo is the platform of choice for over 700 people-first companies like yours:KazooHR.com Kazoo is the only Employee Experience Platform that combines recognition, performance, and engagement in one powerful solution.
Traffit is a SaaS-based ATS software for recruitment agencies, HR departments and headhunters. It allows you to create your own searchable candidate database and manage your recruitment processes every step of the way. Traffit also has a built-it CRM module and comes with integrations and the API. The perfect ATS - Applicant Tracking System
Heartpace is modern Continuous Performance Management software. Our clients choose Heartpace as OKRs management & Strategic Alignment tool. Develop connections in vision, strategy and objectives for all employees on one platform. Keep your employees Focused, Motivated and Aligned with Great 1:1 Talks and outgoing Feedback. Increase commitment, performance and profitability. Results are immediate and push the entire company in a positive direction. Cloud-based performance review and feedback tool that assists firms with 360 degree evaluation, payroll, feedback and goal setting.
Degreed's learning platform allows companies to capture and measure ALL the learning people do, both formal and informal. Degreed's learning platform allows companies to capture and measure ALL the learning people do, both formal and informal.
Occupop is a talent management system built with your hiring needs in mind. We connect people seamlessly, creating great relationships and strong teams. Our dynamic features such as AI CV screening, automated emails & interview scheduler puts the hiring power in your hands, allowing you to easily attract and engage the best candidates and manage the entire process on one smart talent management solution. Our pricing & features suits business of all sizes and needs. People are at the core of every successful business, Occupop helps you to find the best people for your business.
Talent acquisition tool that enables staff mobility through redeployment, custom application forms, job alerts and more. Talent acquisition tool that enables staff mobility through redeployment, custom application forms, job alerts and more.
Software that provides recruiting, position management, onboarding, and performance management for government and higher education. Software that provides recruiting, position management, onboarding, and performance management for government and higher education.
Hireology's Intelligent Hiring Framework helps business owners streamline and improve their hiring process, resulting in smarter hiring, reduced turnover and increased productivity. In one intuitive platform, clients are empowered to manage each step of the hiring process: from defining the job and sourcing applicants to interviewing, verifying and onboarding final candidates. Everything business owners need for better hires, in one place A career site, job boards, interview guides, verifications & onboarding
Real-time feedback platform that is lightweight, easy to use, and seamlessly integrated into your employee's daily workflows. Talent management platform that helps businesses prioritize OKRs, engage employees, manage performance reviews, and share feedback.
Bizneo HR is a cloud-based HR Suite made of 11 powerful softwares. A solution of maximum flexibility that covers the entire employee cycle: attraction, identification, development and engagement. All in a single talent management platform. Switch to the entire suite or choose one of our softwares if you are a mid-size or large company that needs to improve its HR processes. This platform is currently used in 14 countries all over the world and it works in English, French and Spanish. A cloud-based HR Suite made of 11 softwares to cover employee's cycle: attraction, identification, development and engagement
Every day, you and your team have phone calls that are key to your department and organization's goals. The only problem is that many of those calls end up not delivering the value you need to be successful. Whether it's initial phone screens, customer feedback collection, product research, sales lead qualification or other business-specific phone calls, our platform empowers your customers, candidates, sales prospects and employees to SELF-SERVE automated calls. Empowers your team to reclaim their day by enabling candidates to self-serve phone screens with real-time AI call automation.
Employee Connect continues to be shaped and crafted by our journey thus far and we are proud of how we have progressed since 1996. Our company mission remains to be the leading best of breed workflow driven HRIS in the world. As we continue to set the bar as high as possible, we give you the all the tools to connect and transform your workforce with complete flexibility and control. Innovative HRMS SaaS that allows you to implement best practice HR processes with flexibility & control in your hands.
A South African based talent management solution for performance management, with tools for reviews, reporting, and tracking. A South African based talent management solution for performance management, with tools for reviews, reporting, and tracking.
HRToolbench is an integrated suite of talent management modules that align employees with organization business strategy. Employees understand and are measured against job-specific performance expectations and goals, and job success competencies. Modules include Job Description (with competencies from proprietary libraries), Performance Management, 360 Feedback (internal and external), Career Path Planning / Succession Planning, Candidate Selection, and Compensation Administration. Software modules: Job Description, Performance Management, 360 Feedback, Succession Planning, Candidate Selection, and Compensation.
Part of IRIS Software Group, IRIS HR Professional (formerly known as Octopus HR and CascadeGo) helps UK SMEs to manage their workforce more efficiently. With IRIS HR Professional you spend less of your time managing day-to-day HR admin and more of your time adding real value to your organisation. IRIS HR Professional provides all of the functionality you'd expect from an award-winning, self-service HR system, and can be customised to the specific needs of your organisation. Our online, self-service HR systems save HR professionals from drowning in paperwork freeing them up to be more strategic.
Humantelligence is the leading cloud-based Culture Analytics and recruiting platform that solves todays top workforce challenges with the most advanced patented technology leveraging behavioral science and Artificial Intelligence to improve key talent management areas like recruiting, hiring, culture alignment, employee engagement and employee turnover. Humantelligence drives high performing cultures by linking culture analytics with an AI-driven, yet human, recruiting platform.
CEOs & HR teams in forward-thinking companies including Spotify, Trivago, and Babbel use Leapsome to create a continuous cycle of performance management and personalized learning that powers employee engagement and the success of their business. As a people management platform, Leapsome combines tools for Goals & OKRs Management, Performance Reviews & 360s, Employee Learning & Onboarding, Employee Engagement Surveys, Feedback & Praise, and Meetings. Leapsome is a talent management platform used by CEOs and HR teams to develop their people and scale their business.
AmazingHiring is a talent management solution for IT recruiters that automate candidate searching and outreach. Use AmazingHiring to source and hire the best software engineers, QA engineers, data scientists, UX/UI designers, and other technical specialists across social networks and professional communities with few clicks. AmazingHiring finds people profiles and contacts from 50+ networks like Linkedin, GitHub, StackOverflow, Facebook, Kaggle, etc. Save time on IT candidates management with AmazingHiring, automate your recruiting and boost the tech hires!
The Fastest, Smartest, Easiest Path to Competency Based Talent Management. Your people are your number one asset. Their skills and knowledge are their number one asset. Are you capturing your assets as well as you can? With Skills DB Pro you will! Skills DB Pro Tracks Employee Skills, Perform Skill Audits, Find Qualified People, Analyze Training Needs, Track Individual Development Plans, Manage Competencies, Career Pathing, Succession Planning, and too many other features to list. Skills DB Pro is The Simple Powerful Skills, Competency, & Learning Management Tools You Will Want to Use.